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    Ready Play One! - 11/10 Score

    Ready Play One! - 11/10 Score
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    Best magic acts!

    Yea what Fortuona said. Get a VPN and use a different location. Quick and easy way to get around blocks. Well everywhere but China..
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    Quality of Life Suggestion Thread

    I'll keep it simple with Pat here.. Would like to have the Tab not open both inventory and player info. Prefer to see it open/close the last UI you went into. Example: You open Inventory normally and tab to close and reopen. Also would like options to get rid of unused hot bars. Some kind of...
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    Alpha FPS issues?

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    Alpha FPS issues?

    Well if you really believe that the Cortex doesn't do as they say, you can make a lot of money IF you can prove them wrong... Sadly i don't think you can, because many people use it to have a smoother gaming experience.
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    Alpha FPS issues?

    [ Okay then take out all your ram but one and see what happens.. im 100% sure your computer's performance will drop... If not show me the spec difference through "User benchmark" and prove me wrong please... When you clear up space in your ram your computer should open things up quicker and...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    If you click on it you will see lots of people posted there ping and location. If someone is around the same area you will have about the same ping
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Check the guides i believe someone has posted on there for checking ping. xD wait... i had to move it for the poll part.. here the link
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    Gaming Laptop for MO2 ??‍♂️

    Laptops are getting so much better its easy to run game and even video editing programs now without many issues. Though i do want to point out that if you are looking to spend 2.5k or more you can easily get a desktop that will outperform most of the laptops around the same price. Here's a...
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    The Brotherhood Without Banners Stance

    Oh... man.... the spies are already back before game was even released.... I wish you guys the best of luck!
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    Alpha FPS issues?

    Please stop responding to this post if you aren't here to help. Thank you. -Phen
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    HELP: Buildings are invisible to me!

    Luls, well that just sucks. You haven't messed with any files right..? I wouldn't know where to start sense i haven't seen that before at all x(
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    Alpha FPS issues?

    How so... you can still see everything just fine. The level of graphics doesn't change what you see, just makes the graphics look like junk is all. There is no advantage with the guide because absolutely everyone can do this if they felt like it. If you can't run the game in such a way that...
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    The Dark Brotherhood, is open for business in your local area :)

    Building a list what's your prices? If you need me to PM you about prices and such i will, though if you have it open for everyone to see, i think you guys would get some great business.
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    Alpha FPS issues?

    I was trying to warn them beforehand but i was called dumb ..... I guess it's just one of those games people play thinking one thing and not knowing. A great challenge of life: Knowing enough to think you are right, but not know enough to know that you are wrong. *Neil deGrasse Tyson