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    Why does login fail after being idle at the main screen for a while?

    Because SV is incapable of coding it right the first time.
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    Magic: Target cast, self cast, draw weapon and move to cancel - make it stop!

    Pretty much spot on. The clunky ui in the way of weapon switching and these spell issues just demonstrate without a doubt that noone at SV actually plays the game. No way they'd force themselves to use tje most clunky ui i ever saw in an mmo.
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    The reward for the stream tourney of Henriks

    SV is totally out of touch with their game.
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    Why MO2 didnt capture me.

    Good thing they don't listen and we have this masterpiece of a game. /s
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    Surprised and dissapointed.

    Yep, the game's world is waaaay too large for the ammount of content they stuck in. If you don't enjoy riding for like 30 minutes just to reach the next town you better cut your losses.
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    Necromancy: Taking Control of the Situation

    Doesn't all this just prove tjat nobody at SV is actually playing the game. Who would subject themselves to broken systems like this one.
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    Got stuck in a house because of loading glitch

    In the meantime Henrik brags about "world record rendering distance" on stream. It's like he's playing a totally differrent game than us lol.
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    Got stuck in a house because of loading glitch

    My house is one of the "bugged" ones and i totally get your complaint OP. It's laughable this even happens to be honest. You can totally clip through the house until it finished loading in a minute or so and while it's loading you can become stuck in it. I guess it's just more of that quality SV...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    The whole game is turning out to look like this. Just wait till they turn on the subs. Oh boy.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    But these are not points of exloration but points of interest. With little interesting to be found. The game lacks content so much i am amazed these are not desogned to be repeatable content.
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    Books too easy to obtain

    So we agree it's stupid to tie skill into group content, since if i can earn gold solo, and still earn it the "hard way" by buying it off the market. I never said they should be easy to get, i just said that group gating skills is stupid.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Lol...That's the same as "breeding is implemented since you can tame horses".
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    Books too easy to obtain

    Buying it off the market also counts as earned? BS arguement.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    IT's just classic SV, hype up the feature as if it'll solve the game's content issues. The reality is they'r exactly the same as the other shitty ruins around the world. No point in exploring for 2 silver.
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    Books too easy to obtain

    Gating skills behind group content is just stupid to begin with.