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    Features that are a matter of heart for Roleplayers.

    I agree. Hopefully we will see much more of this type of stuff in MO2. At one point MO did have a game table and different types of pieces to be used with it. But there was issues with it so it was removed and never returned. They also did add assorted dice as random drops. So they do seem to...
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    This is controversial But warrants merit

    Picked the only no option. The only micro trans I could possibly get behind in mo would be things like sub and re-role tokens.
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    I think the game not having a free option will limit such things greatly. Besides, wasn't it china that had issues with nudity in the game?
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    Show us your inner Dark

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    How Psycho are Mortals

    I scored a 25. I can get angry at times but I think it is sugar issues mostly.
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    I have never been involved with sieging or defending against a siege. But this sounds like it could work. If the supply was only large enough to keep x amount of guards supplied for x hours then there is your window. Not only would this make effective ai guards finite, it would also be...
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    Ideally there would be enough of a player base for keep owning guilds to be able to recruit members from all over the world. That way they could cover the different timezones with actual players.
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    How Should Have Work 2.0

    I cant really vote because the conditions on the two no time limit options do not fit for me. But I will try to describe the way I think it should be. I think it should be a pretty small area and have only the very basics like granum ore, a single type of tree and maybe a way to get leather...
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    Haven: How should it work? [Poll]

    Voted for no artificial time limit. To me the game is supposed to be open to allow players to play as they choose. Any discussion that involves forcing players to play a certain way goes against this in my opinion. When haven came out in MO it was the new content for the game. So naturally it...
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    RIght, this is my point as well. The player that chooses to skip haven would be doing themselves a disservice.
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    I will try. Say there is a haven and an option to leave/skip it (Which should definitely be possible). A strictly pvp oriented player could then just skip to the main game and get right to pvping. But even a new pvp player would be better served to learn a bit about the game and get some...
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    You may want to reread that. I said almost the opposite. "Its not a bad thing since this is a pvp game after all"
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    A lot of times vets are blamed for camping new areas and such. And while this may be the case at times, many new players also seem to have a tendency to do this as well. Its not a bad thing since this is a pvp game after all. But even those players are doing themselves and the game a disservice...
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    Want to donate towards MO2 with the $149 package, but need to know if there will be NA servers

    Agreed! I think hosting different parts of the game world at different server locations is probably the best if not only way they could pull off one world with multiple servers. I would bet that Sarducca will not be the second continent in MO2 since they already did that once. There is...