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Into the Vault #120 – New Clothing Sneak Peek

Juli 21, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

On July 19th Henrik hosted his weekly stream, taking a look at a work in progress new set of clothing that we’re working on, along with holding his usual QnA.

The stream has been archived on our YouTube channel:


New Clothing Work In Progress

During the stream Henrik showed an early look at a new set of clothing we’ve been working on. The final version of this set will likely look different, so just know that these images are not representitive of how it may look when you finally see it in game, and are a work in progress.

PTR3 & Stress Testing

The results of Territory Control PTR2 have been extremely helpful once again.

On the second day of PTR2 we updated the test server with some rather extensive backend changes to the network systems, and after some hotfixing the results are looking very promising.

We still have not come close to approaching the limit of players the server can handle at one time, ever since we introduced some updates to those systems many months ago. For PTR3 we would like to try and find that limit, as internal synthetic tests can only go so far when trying to emmulate real player traffic and data.

The most common server issue experienced on the live server is a specific node crash that as mentioned in previous posts, we believe we have already fixed on the PTR client.

New Elementalism Spell Balance

We received a lot of feedback and data about the new Elementalism spell groups during PTR2, and certain spells will see some needed adjustments.

The interactions between spell volumes such as Ice Barrier and Stone Wall will likely change, along with certain collision behaviors and cast times for various spells such as Water Ward and Sand Barrier.

Overall the sentiments and reactions we have seen about the new spell groups has been quite positive. With these adjustments we aim to maximize the value of each spell, while being careful not to introduce anything which may be used in unintended and problematic ways.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mortal Online 2 or a newcomer in the world of Nave, dive into the vault with Henrik on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM UTC to get your questions answered by the CEO and game designer.

 See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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