Stress test

Common questions

How long will the Beta run?

Closed Beta will run until we enter persistence. Date is currently TBD.

How long will the stress test run?

The stress test will continue to be extended until all server related issues have been sorted. We will make an announcement a few days before we decide to end the stress test.

Is it still possible to get a stress test key?

There are a few content creators still handing out keys. Otherwise no, you will need to create an account and donate on the MO1 website to gain Closed Beta access.

Will there be a wipe before and after persistence?

We 100% plan to wipe all progress before entering persistence. Prior to persistence, there are no planned wipes unless we’re forced to do so.

Will horse riding and traveling be smoothed out? I’m running into invisible walls.

Yes. Improved mounted travel is one of our highest priorities. You can expect some huge improvements over the coming weeks.

Will the que system improve?

Yes. We are continuing to improve the que system with each passing day and will not stop until it’s performing correctly.

When will the game enter Early Access?

After the stress test concludes, we will sort through our bug reports/player feedback and determine a reasonable Early Access date.

How much does MO2 cost?

When the game enters Early Access, players will be able to purchase the game for a one time fee and a month included followed by a $14.25 USD monthly subscription fee after included month have been used.

How do I purchase the game?

While the game is in Closed Beta, you are unable to purchase the game. However, you may create an MO1 account here and make a $39.00 donation to gain Closed Beta access.
Subscription fees will not take place until the game enters Early Access. You will also be granted the client a month of game time when game goes persistent as thanks for helping with beta testing.

Will the desync be improved?

Each day we are improving performance through server optimization and hardware upgrades. We will continue doing so until the game runs smoothly regardless of server load. Outside of server desync, the only movement desync you will notice is from players with high packet-loss. This will be addressed as well.

Can we mute individual players in VOIP?

Not currently. However, this will change in the near future.

Will there be wagons or other types of vehicles?

Yes. This is a fairly high priority.

Can I continue playing after the stress test?

Yes. Donating on the MO1 website will allow you to continue playing after the free stress test ends.



Dear MO2 players and beta testers!

Our stress test has been running for 4 days now, and we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has participated so far and give an update on what’s going on.

An enormous amount of players have been blasting our server over the past few days, which has allowed us to collect a huge amount of data, giving us a very clear picture of what we need to work on in order to improve our systems for early access.


Here is a list of key bottlenecks we were able to identify with your help so far:

* The database became overloaded, which we solved over the weekend.

* Our login / queue system did not perform as expected, and was not allowing a lot of players into the game. We have made many improvements here already but there are more fixes coming during the week. We know this specific problem has been very frustrating for many players so far and we thank you for your patience in helping us improve our systems.

* Our server cluster became overloaded, causing the desync problem in game which made players skip around a lot and some actions become delayed. This will be fixed very soon.
Some good news is that we had only a handful of server crashes and extremely few client crashes.


What happens now:
* We will extend the stress test for a few more days.
* Henrik will continue to stream and the competitions will resume once everything is stable again.
* We will release a new updated roadmap for April.
* We will continue to work on all the issues still present, fixing, optimizing and refining all of our systems.


Thank you all for helping us make Mortal Online 2 be the best game it can be, as well as being a part of this crucial step towards the release.
To those of you who were able to get into the game, we hope you have enjoyed your experience thus far but know there is still so much to come.

In gratitude,
The Star Vault development team