Dear MO2 players and beta testers!

Our stress test has been running for 4 days now, and we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has participated so far and give an update on what’s going on.

An enormous amount of players have been blasting our server over the past few days, which has allowed us to collect a huge amount of data, giving us a very clear picture of what we need to work on in order to improve our systems for early access.


Here is a list of key bottlenecks we were able to identify with your help so far:

* The database became overloaded, which we solved over the weekend.

* Our login / queue system did not perform as expected, and was not allowing a lot of players into the game. We have made many improvements here already but there are more fixes coming during the week. We know this specific problem has been very frustrating for many players so far and we thank you for your patience in helping us improve our systems.

* Our server cluster became overloaded, causing the desync problem in game which made players skip around a lot and some actions become delayed. This will be fixed very soon.
Some good news is that we had only a handful of server crashes and extremely few client crashes.


What happens now:
* We will extend the stress test for a few more days.
* Henrik will continue to stream and the competitions will resume once everything is stable again.
* We will release a new updated roadmap for April.
* We will continue to work on all the issues still present, fixing, optimizing and refining all of our systems.


Thank you all for helping us make Mortal Online 2 be the best game it can be, as well as being a part of this crucial step towards the release.
To those of you who were able to get into the game, we hope you have enjoyed your experience thus far but know there is still so much to come.

In gratitude,
The Star Vault development team


Your Adventure Awaits

Explore the world of Nave for FREE!
Experience the freedom of a true sandbox MMORPG with thousands of online players. In Mortal Online 2, a player's reputation is everything. Whether you're good or evil, rumors of your accomplishments will spread across the world. Hunt, craft, tame beasts, murder, explore or forge an empire. The choice is yours starting March 25th, 2021.


We will be sending out instructions on how to obtain stress test Steam keys.
Register your email below to be included in this list!


Starting March 25th, players around the globe will be given a chance to explore the world of Nave for free! The time has come to make your mark. Say goodbye to unlimited resources, skill points and no punishment. Level your character, acquire wealth/resources, make a name for yourself as a famous crafter, warrior, hero, villain, tamer or whatever your heart desires. We're giving everyone a bite-sized taste of what the game is really about. Additionally, we will be hosting a number of epic competitions with the chance to earn HUGE prizes! Make sure to sign up for a key to WIN BIG and join us as we set a world record. With your help, we will break the record for the most players online simultaneously in a single, un-instanced server! Let's make history together!

The purpose of this test will be to push hardware limits, test progression systems and receive large amounts of valuable feedback from the community. To summarize, this month's stress test will act as an initial simulation of our upcoming Persistent Early Access. If you'd like to learn more about what to expect during the stress test, please continue reading below!


Disclaimer: This is not a finished product. Many of our areas and systems are incomplete. We are using this stress test to push our hardware limits and receive mass feedback on what needs to be prioritized prior to announcing our Persistent Early Access date. We strongly recommend that players who are expecting a finished product return to the game when we enter Persistent Early Access. For now, you can expect to see bugs, crashes, server issues, missing content, etc. as this is a critical part of the test. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing the smoothest gameplay experience possible in the near future.

Competitions & Prizes

We will be hosting FOUR exciting events throughout the duration of our stress test! Our events will consist of three daily challenges and one mega event which will run from March 26th, 13:00 UTC until March 28th, 23:59 UTC.

Daily challenges will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March. Objectives and rules will be announced each day within the game at 13:00 UTC.

Winners can expect to see incredible prizes such as video cards, gift cards, Mortal Online 2 merchandise and more! Make sure to hop in game on the weekend of March 25th for your chance to WIN BIG!!



As mentioned before, our stress test will act as a Persistent Early Access simulation. Players will no longer have access to unlimited resources, character-bound gear or unlimited skill points. The time has come for players to take their place in the world. Testers will begin their journey on our tutorial island known as "Haven". Within Haven, players will have the opportunity to learn and understand the game's systems/features in a safe environment. Upon your departure from Haven, you may select from a few starting cities where your real journey will begin!

From there, it's completely up to you what happens. Make a living as a crafter, become a murderous criminal, tame and sell creatures, the possibilities are endless!

During the upcoming test phases, all experience gains have been drastically increased to remove the grind. Players will have the freedom to explore builds and create new characters without a long-term commitment.

Please Note: This is still a Beta test and not a final transition into Persistent Early Access. Players should expect to see consistent progress/wealth wipes all the way up until the release of Persistent Early Access. Final release dates are still TBD.

A Complete World

We have been building/detailing the continent of Myrland for over a year now. Players joining the stress test will have complete freedom to explore the continent and visit its 10 stunning cities.

  • Tindrem
  • Meduli
  • Fabernum
  • Vadda
  • Bakti
  • Mohki
  • Morin Khur
  • Gaul Kor
  • Kranesh
  • Toxai

Traversing Myrland will be no simple task. Players will need to gain skills, arm themselves and group up with like-minded individuals to aid them on their journey. The world is filled with dangerous beasts, bandits and monsters. It's up to you as the player to explore the world and unveil its many secrets. The team at Star Vault has never believed in spoon feeding the game's secrets to the community. Even today, there are still undiscovered mysteries in our first iteration of Mortal Online.

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