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Repeatedly Kicked From the Server

 If you are having issues with logging in and are stuck in the queue and/or getting kicked from the server, please be patient.


Update on Server Issues

January 29, 2022


We underestimated the login pressure from players traveling to Myrland from Haven, and the current results we are getting now compared to our stress test are quite different. 

This is by far the biggest challenge in the entire project so far.

The team has been working 24/7 to add fixes and improvements in this area as soon as possible during the release with some progress, but not nearly enough.

We have today had a specific meeting with additional networking experts to help us faster solve the issues we are currently facing.

The good news is that we now have a very good picture of the main issues and
how we need to solve them. This requires a few days before it’s fully
implemented the way we need it to work. This means we will have a queue number
and a fully working login step. The login bounces we have had so far have been
identified and we know what we need to do so solve this as well.

We will announce when we have the server up and running with this problem solved.

We will pause all subscription time that is included in the game and make sure this is not
enabled again until these issues are solved. If it’s possible we will also give the option to players to go back to Haven if you are in queue. There are a few cases we need to clear such as guild status when going from Myrland to Haven, so we may only start with being able to go back if you haven’t entered Myrland yet while we wait on the fixes for Myrland. 


We strongly suggest any new players remain on Haven so you are able to continue playing until we have further updates with the transition to Myrland.


Thank you for all your support, we will keep you updated on our progress and steps to solve this.

We know you’re all eager to get into the game and we’re working very hard on
making that happen as fast as possible.