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Melee Combat Basics - Beta (Subject to Change)

Attack & Block Directions

Mortal Online 2’s melee combat is essentially a high-speed matching game. There are four swing/block directions you will need to remember – Left, Right, Middle, and Overhead.

    • If your opponent swings to their left, you will need to block right.

    • If your opponent swings to their right, you will need to block left.


    • If your opponent attempts to stab, you will need to perform a middle block.

    • If your opponent attempts to overhead strike you, you will need to perform an overhead block.

Parrying Basics

There are two different blocking states in Mortal Online 2 – Parry & Block

    • Parry – During the first two seconds of raising your block, your blocking state is considered a parry. During a parry, all successfully blocked attacks will receive zero damage.
    • Block – After holding your block for more than two seconds, your parry becomes a normal block. During a normal block, successfully blocked attacks only reduce incoming damage rather than negating it like a parry.

Counter Attacks

Successfully parrying an enemy player’s attacks not only negates damage but offers an offensive reward as well. 

    • When you successfully parry an enemy player’s attack, you may launch a counter-attack within the next two seconds.
    • Counter attacks charge up much faster than normal attacks and always strike for maximum damage.

Charged Attack States

  • Holding down left-click on your mouse charges an attack.
  • While charging an attack you will notice a small circle surrounding your reticle.
  • Releasing a swing before the circle is full leads to minimum damage.
  • Holding your swing until the circle is full provides 100% weapon damage.
  • After filling the charge circle completely, holding left-clicks for an additional two seconds will achieve an overcharged state. Overcharged attacks provide 120% weapon damage.
  • Upon reaching an overcharge, holding your swing for an additional two seconds will exhaust your character and begin reducing your weapon damage over time.

Hit Confirms/Missed Attacks

  • Missing an attack leads to the following.
    • Increased duration before your next attack.
    • Increased duration before your next block.
  • Successfully landing an attack leads to the following.
    • Instantly begin your next attack.
    • Instantly trigger your next block