Welcome back Myrmidon!

May 28, 2020
In recent coming back and discussion with the original Myrmidon Guild, I will decline the further use of the name MÝRMIDON for my community MÝR and foothold of my guild in Mortal Online 2. Thus I will properly give back and stop the further use of the rights to the name of its respectful Owners. By my honor and the words handshaken, shall no Dishonor follow after this. I thank you for having reached out to me and to have come to terms.

Therefore I will change my guild name back to my original clan name MÝRVIKINGS. Note that the changes might take a while to take effect.

Let's welcome back the original Myrmidon guild back from 2010 of Mortal Online 1 to our new community Mortal Online 2 !
Keen to have you guys with us, as enemies, as friends and as foes. May we see where the wind of Battle may guide us in the world of Myrland and further.

For the good and for the better. Welcome back !