Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 7


Nov 17, 2020
The sun rises to greet the new day, it's hearty warmth melts the morning's cold wind and brings life to the slumbering trees. The birds whistle and sing on the tree branches, while the Spring Bok graze peacefully in the plains.

Nergui and the pup come out of the Ger and begin their journey to Bakti. They climb down the rocky mountains of Vadda and wander toward the Bakti Bridge Crossing. In the distance they spot several wisents grazing by the river, along with a herd of springbok and even rabbits had come out of hiding to find food.

They continue on toward Bakti, seeing no tracks or signs of a rampaging Risar army. Upon reaching the Bakti Forest they hear a slow but loud thumping sound coming toward them.

Through the dense vegetation poured a giant creature. It's skin was thick, grey and hairy. It had powerful long tusks and a long trunk. It's ears were like huge grey palm leaves and it's feet were like tree stumps.

As it moved closer, a small, thin Khurite man came out from behind it, putting his hand in the air and greeting Nergui. He put his other hand on the Campadon's leg and said "Come on, girl! lets go get some food!".

The little man questioned where Nergui had come from and where he was heading. Nergui responded calmly, saying that he had come from Vadda and was heading to Bakti to warn the people about a Risar attack that happened in Vadda.

Together they continued to walk toward Bakti as they spoke.

Four heavy pairs of hooves thundered through the trees behind them, dashing through the leaves. One of the riders smashed his bone club across Nergui's head, another rider jabbed his spear into the Campadon's ribs. The little Khurite man shouted for help and tried to run away... but another rider chased him down and trampled him beneath his Bull Horse's hooves. The pup growled and barked attempting to protect his friend, while the Campadon screamed in pain and battled for it's life.

Nergui's vision blurred and a horrendous pain had crippled him to his knees. The fourth rider dismounted his giant Bull Horse and picked up the pup by the scruff of his neck. Then with 1 great swipe, smashed Nergui into the ground.

Hours later, Nergui awoke, bound together with his pup with a thick metal chain. Beside him were dozens of other people... fellow Thursars, Humans, Oghmirs and 2 Alvarin huntresses who had been captured in the jungle. The sky was a dark red, the earth beneath them was a hellish magma-like stone. Great stone spires dotted the landscape, adorned by spikes and corpses.

Massive demonic like creatures stood around a bloodied alter with several cloaked and faceless men. The demons held massive fiery bladed weapons and wore no armour, except bloodied loin clothes made from human skins. They had giant bat-like wings that were scarred and withered. Their eyes were a reddish orange, like fire surrounded by hatred and cruelty.

There was no wind, but the sky was dark. There was no heat, but the earth around them looked like a fiery hell. In the distant sky, lightning could be seen, but not heard. It were as though, they were in a different realm, protected by some kind of evil magic.

The hooded men began humming a dark tone, lifting their arms to the sky surrounding the alter. One of the hooded men spoke in a demonic language and lifted both of his arms into the sky, as though he was calling to something.

Two of the giant demons, walked toward the prisoners, picking up two each and bring them toward the alter. The people screamed and begged for mercy but this only fell upon deaf ears. The senior hooded man pulled out a mystical dagger engraved with demonic symbols and slowly slit the throats of the 4 captives on the alter.

Their blood drained from their bodies and looked as though it fed the alter. A reddish mist gathered in the sky above the alter and reddish pink energies sparkled and crackled together.

A blinding explosion erupted causing the captives to scream, though the hooded men and demons were unaffected.

A huge demonic lord came forth from the explosion. His body was armoured in a golden metal. In his right claw he wielded a great demonic sword etched in fiery orange symbols. He had large metallic horns extending from his forehead and bore a golden crown adorned by a large inhuman skull. His wings were larger than the other demons and perfect, his legs were like the hooves of the Gaur, blackened and scarred with fiery red symbols. In his left claw, he held a chain adorned by several more crowned skulls.

Terrified by his very visage, the captives looked away, whimpering in fear. But Nergui looked straight into his fiery eyes.

The Demon Lord lifted his right arm and pointed his demonic sword at Nergui. The corrupted Risars that captured Nergui and his pup, picked him up and brought them both to the alter.

In the sky, a great storm had begun growing and the clouds continued to gather, as though the sky had summoned them.

Thrown on the alter, Nergui and his pup were bound together under a thick metal chain. The Demon Lord spoke in a demonic language, heralding their doom.

The hooded man took out his sacrificial dagger once more and slit Nergui's throat. He then lifted the pup's throat and slit it as well.

Their blood mixed together, but the alter would not drink it.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering roar from the sky erupted, that broke through the demon realm's barrier and a huge blue thunder bolt struck from the heavens onto the alter, killing the hooded man and blasting back the demons. The Demon Lord was stunned by this and stood silent.

He looked down at the now destroyed alter and noticed that the bodies were gone...

END of Part 7
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