Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 4


Nov 17, 2020
Be it rock or flesh, all things are changed by it. Neither Beast nor Man can out live it. Creatures die and planets are destroyed, yet it continues to devour all within it's grasp. We call it Time.

Morning arrives with the song of birds, chirping and whistling in the trees. The sun radiates with imperial beauty as it begins to bake the earth once more. The clouds gently migrate in the sky and the wind hums a soft summer's breeze.

"Today, we shall go into Vadda" the man says while stuffing a large bag with furs, dried meat, bones and some looted weapons.

The sleepy pup resentfully gets up, stretching and yawning. Fang meanwhile patrols the outer camp area.

Together the party of 3 journey down through the mountains and reach a mud road leading to the village of Vadda.

Upon reaching the back gate of the village, 4 Khurite men stood guard, armoured in a thick black leather and plated with scales. They held large sticks with sharp spear tips and composite bows with quivers filled with arrows, each arrow bearing white and grey feathers.

The biggest among their number lifted his hand and waved at the man and his 2 companions.

"Nergui! How fares your hunt this season?" the Khurite man inquires.

"Very well, my friend" Nergui responds, opening his bag to show some of the furs.

"Wonderful, come inside quickly, let us get a drink!" The Khurite man beckons.

The party of 4 enter the village, welcomed by the hospitable locals who are all intrigued by the goods brought. The local broker greets Nergui and the Khurite man, receiving the bag of goods to be auctioned. They then go to the local tavern to drink, feast, tell stories and gossip.

Fang walks toward a hut covered in skins, bones and mystical totems. The pup bedazzled by so many humans and buildings he had never saw before, quickly followed Fang.

Inside the hut, was an old women. Her hair grey, braided with bones and bits of string. Her face was wrinkled and her eyes lined with black soot. She wore thick clothing made from fur, adorned by bones and talismans. This was clearly a Shaman.

Sitting next to a small fire, her eyes were closed, her legs folded. In her hands she held some kind of totem, carved from the bone of a Dire Wolf.

Fang sat in front of her, with the pup hiding behind him.

"Come, little one... Do not be shy" the shaman said in a withering voice.

The pup revealed it self, edging away from Fang and moving closer to the shaman.

"So... You are the one "they" spoke of in my dream. I can see now, why they have chosen you."

The pup looks confused, questioning what this crazy human is talking about and why she is talking to wolves.

She laughs and reaches into a pouch, pulling out a white powder and throwing it into the campfire.

The fire bursts into a yellow smoke, revealing images of the pup, his mother, her death, his sorrow... and then images of his future or at least, what could be his future.

"Now you see... where there is sorrow, there will eventually be happiness. The world must always have balance and so must all who inhabit it" she explains.

Suddenly, in the distance, a loud horn was sounded... drums were beaten and shouting was heard.

END of Part 4