Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 3


Nov 17, 2020
A man of medium stature, with broad shoulders. A toned body bearing, Black Spots, scars and tribal tattoos. Dark hair long from behind, bald in the centre with patch forelock. This was no human... But it was also not a beast. What was it?

The man came forward, he patted his Grey Dire Wolf on the head and pointed away. The Dire Wolf's eyes expanded and it's tongue poked out the side of it's mouth, panting happily it walked away as if nothing had happened.

The pup, nervously stares at the man, curious at what power is hidden within him that allows him to easily control such a powerful Dire Wolf. The man reaches into his pouch to retrieve something. He approaches the pup, who now trembles in terror, yelping for his mother.

"Easy now little one..." The man says in a calm and soothing tone.

He reaches out to the pup with his clenched fist and nudges the pup's nose. The pup stops whining and takes a deep interest in the smell of this dirty man's hand. Hidden within was a piece of dried Ambrosial Raw Pig. The pup snatches the meat and devours it whole. The man laughs and reaches into his pouch for more.

After several feedings, the man slowly pats the pup, stroking his fur and calling him a good boy. The pup lowers his guard and starts licking the man's hand, showing that he is now willing to follow him.

An hour passes... In the distance a loud rumble quakes the earth, the sky begins to darken once more as clouds gather in the sky like armies meeting in a battle. A loud crash is heard, followed by a bolt of pure light. The man picks up the pup and beckons his Dire Wolf. "Time to go home, Tengger is angry" the man tells the pup.

Before wandering into the mountains of Vadda, the man notices a corpse by the lake. He wanders a little closer, revealing that it was the She Wolf, likely the mother of the pup he found. He shields the pup's eyes and keeps it close to his chest. His Dire Wolf sniffs the corpse and licks the she wolf's face. He howls toward the heavens as though he was calling to her spirit.

"Fang! come." The man beckons.

The Man, Fang and the Pup wander into the mountains of Vadda wherein they find an old abandoned Ger (tent). Empty and without furnishing, the man sets up his camp for the evening.

With the campfire lit and freshly skinned prey cooking on the spit, the man sits down with the pup on his lap and Fang on his side cosying up to the fire and the smell of roasting flesh.

Stroking the pup's fur, the man exhales... "So... your an orphan like us... well don't worry... we're here for you now.

END of Part 3
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