Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 2


Nov 17, 2020
Shadows encroach upon him, the earth grows cold and dark. In the distance he sees his mother standing atop a hill. She stares into the pup's eyes and then looks toward the moon. She lets out a howl that rivals the stormy wind. The pup looks toward the moon and tries to howl too, but his little voice dashed aside by the thunderous wind.

The pup looks back at his mother in frustration, crying to get her attention. The She Wolf gives him one last fare well stare, before a white mist engulfs her, melting her into sparkling stars. The mist rises towards the sky and the She Wolf is no more.

Suddenly a loud crack is heard, and then another. Shouting and thunderous hooves roar in the distance. The pup is frightened and confused, he curls into a ball and closes his eyes.

The rumbling thunder of hooves and shouting withers away, leaving only silence in it's wake.

The pup opens his eyes to reveal the light of day. The wind was a howling gale, the trees battled each other with their branches and the waves of Sausage Lake crashed onto the shore. The air carried the scent of blood and decay, leaving the pup frightened but... curious.

With his little stomach rumbling, he left his lifeless mother's corpse and ventured forth to see what had happened.

Dense patches of grass, covered in blood. Bodies of Men and Horses laid strewn across the grasslands. A skirmish between tribes perhaps, the pup cared not... his stomach ached and the smell of blood had drawn him onward.

He came across a dead horse, impaled by some kind of stick. It's stomach was ripped open and it's entrails were revealed. Canine teeth marks were all over it's wounds. The pup began to nibble on the pieces of dead meat, growling at the tough meat, gnawing at it as best he could. The taste of blood and flesh was invigorating and his stomach yearned for more.

A loud, horrible grumble appeared from behind the pup. A huge grey Dire Wolf revealed it self to the pup, making gnashing threats with it's fangs.

The pup was stunned with fear and dared not make a sound.

He rolled over, covered in blood, with dribble and tiny bits of gore still streaming down his face.

The Dire Wolf edged closer, growling. His fur up, his eyes furious with the desire to kill.

Suddenly, a voice shouted "Stop!, good boy..."

END of Part 2