Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 10 (Final)


Nov 17, 2020
He wonders what had happened to them... Did they win? Did they lose...? If they lost, would the Risar Chieftain continue his chase for the slaves? Will Kranesh be in danger?

Questions and worry flood his mind, pain engulfs his empty stomach and his body begins to feel weak...

The afternoon sun sits in the sky, bathing myrland in a warm glow. The gentle wind whistles and hums. Urial and Springbok in the mountains call to each other and graze on the patches of mould and greenery.

On his way, back to Cave Camp, he sees something in the distance...

A horse standing close to a wounded human, beneath him bloodied grass stained by red and black blood. WW calls out to the wounded man, but receives no response. He wanders closer and realises the man is dead.

WW picks up his sword and parts of his armour. Though small for a Thursar, it would provide some kind of protection. He opens a pouch tied to the man's waist and opens it, sniffing inside. To his surprise, there was dried meat and hard rye in there. Stuffing whatever he could into his mouth, he chomped the dead man's food down and crumbs fell from his mouth onto the corpse.

The human's horse butted WW with it's head and had a disgusted look on it's face...

WW psionically apologized to the horse and asked if this was his master. The horse responded psionically, realising that WW was no ordinary Thursar or human, he could communicate with animals... WW than offered to avenge the fallen human, if the horse would serve him now.

The horse stared into WW's eyes and nodded.

WW called upon Nergui's psyche and requested instruction on how to ride... Memories flooded into WW's mind and he was now able to ride... or so he thought.

He suddenly jumps onto the horse's lower back, spooking the horse into accidently kicking him back onto the floor.

WW growled in pain and crawled back to his feet. The horse whined and shook in disapproval. It trod toward him and turned sideways, showing him the saddle and foot holder. WW understood and climbed onto the saddle. The horse than began to move slowly until it reached a gallop speed... Losing his balance, WW grabbed onto the horse's hair, causing it to whine and throw him off again.

WW growled angrily, but then got back on the horse. He realised then, it had reins attached to it's face, allowing him to control it without hurting it. The horse sighed reluctantly and began to move again.

As they rode deeper into cave camp, more patches of blood, arrows and bits of torn cloth paved the way. Closer to the road, they saw more signs of a battle, until finally they came across several dead risar, humans and horses... both steppe and bull horses.

A bloodied corpse stood on the side of the road, impaled by a large spear. The human's arms were ripped off and his armour was utterly ruined. Beneath him were 3 human heads and a pile of meaty guts.

WW journeyed deeper until he finally found them... A mound of human and risar corpses laid strewn across a small battlefield, with dead horses, arrows and blunted or broken weapons surrounded by a dark bloodied earth. A torn and bloodied Morin Khur banner waved atop a dead horse. The Risar Chieftain stood in front of a kneeling Morin Khur captain, while 2 surviving Risar Riders watched with glee.

WW' started feeling trembly, but he wanted to save the captain at least and if he could, kill the Risar Chieftain. He took a deep breath and clenched his khurite sword. His horse grunted and struck the blackened earth with it's hooves.

In his mind, he played out the scenario... he would charge in heroically, cut off the heads of the 2 riser riders and then charge into the Risar Chieftain and impale him with the sword, before taking off with the MK Captain.

With a little tug to the horse's reins, he growled and urged the horse onward!

The horse neighed in the distance, catching the attention of the Risars.

Charging forward and growling... WW roars, lifting his sword to strike.

The 2 Risar Riders charge toward him, while the Risar Chieftain watches in amazement.

Before crashing into them, WW falls off his horse again... his sword goes flying into one of the Risar Riders, impaling him. WW's horse crashes into the other Risar's horse, knocking him into the dirt. The Risar Chieftain stood silent, shocked by what just happened.... and burst into laughter.

WW quickly got up and pounced onto the other Risar Rider who had fallen off his horse and strangling him, struggling to kill him. They tussled in the dirt, until WW picked up a shard of tephra rock and stabbed the risar in the eye. He then continued stabbing and bashing the risar until he was dead.

The Risar Chieftain booted the MK Captain into the ground and collected his Demon Glaive from his Bull Molva's saddle.

WW quickly unsheathed his khurite blade from the other impaled risar's chest and prepared to battle the Risar Chieftain.

In an epic confrontation, they edged closer to each other, staring at each other's eyes silently...

Then the Risar Chieftain Roared at WW and charged forth swinging his Demon Glaive.

WW charged toward the Chieftain with sword in hand.

Before any weapon clash could happen, WW slipped between the Risar Chieftain's legs, slicing through his crotch.

The Risar Chieftain roared in pain, clenching his wound with 1 hand.

WW than ran toward the MK Captain and picked him up, giving him a sword from 1 of the dead risar riders.

The wounded captain clenched his sword and together they both charged at the Risar Chieftain, slashing and stabbing at him.

Unable to fend off both of them, the Risar Chieftain fell to his knees and surrendered.

Before he could offer any terms of surrender, the MK Captain chopped off his head and kicked his corpse into the dirt.

A moment later, he turned to WW and thanked him, breathing a sigh of relief. Together they mounted up and rode toward Morin Khur. But before they arrived at the gates, the MK Captain told WW "I am indebted to you... and I will not forget what you did for me".

Rather than go with the Captain... Wandering Wolf rode into the distance until he disappeared...

Some say he fell off his horse again... some say he drowned in sausage lake... but this was the story of the Wandering Wolf, who ventured the Eternal Plains.

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