Wandering Wolf on the Eternal Plains Part 1


Nov 17, 2020
Come closer and embrace the warmth of my camp fire, for I shall tell you the story of the Wandering Wolf who ventured across the Eternal Plains.

A cool summer's day brought forth gentle winds that swept through the grasslands wherein Spring Bok and Wisent grazed peacefully. The waters of Sausage Lake inhaled and exhaled soothing waves of pristine blue waters. The sky was bright blue, with puffy white clouds and warm rays from the ever watchful sun.

In the distance a shadowy figure appeared, small, dark and barely recognizable. As it began to approach the lake, the wind blew harsher and began whistling. The grazing prey sensed the change but continued to feast on summer's bounty.

As the figure came closer, the eldest of the Spring Boks realised what it was and let out a shriek to warn the others to run!

The bulky Wisents were alerted by the panicked Spring Bok and began to herd together into a defensive formation. The largest of the Wisents moved closer to inspect the thing that had spooked the Spring Boks.

A She-Wolf, with thick black fur, large bloody fangs and fiery yellow eyes.

Only... this She Wolf was wounded, limping and exhausted. Hiding between her front legs was a little ball of black fluff with white patches. This She Wolf had either escaped a nasty fight or just barely won one.

The largest wisent snarled at the She Wolf, to let her know that he was aware of her and that he will protect his herd.

She Wolf leaned over to drink the waters of Sausage Lake, her pup joining in. They both settled down and rested by the lake. The Wisents eventually left, leaving the She Wolf and her pup alone by the lake.

Time passed, day became night, the winds howled, ushering in the stars to light the dark night. The waters calmed and the birds went to sleep. The pup cuddled up to his mother and drank her milk.

They slept peacefully and nothing woke them. The stars danced in the night sky and the moon watched over the She Wolf and her Pup.

Cold night was scared away by the warmth of dawn, the land had begun to wake once more to greet the new day.

The pup wakes up, happy and excited!

He stretches and shakes off his sleepy self and wanders into the lake for a drink.

Barking excitedly, he runs back to his mother and shakes his wet fur all over her.

She doesn't wake

He nudges her and bites at her fur

Still she does not wake

The pup wonders what's wrong and snuggles up to his mother.

Her body cold, her eyes closed clenching a single tear.

Her pup begins to cry as he realizes that she has died.

Now alone, cold and hungry, the pup waits beside his mother.

END of Part 1
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