Henrik Nyström

CEO & Game Designer
Staff member
May 27, 2020
Dear community

We are working to deliver our next patch sometime next week if things go as planned.

We are working on our road map to finalize our missing parts and systems as long as we try to cover the bugs, we have got reported during beta in a prioritized order to improve gaming quality and experience. As you know this is the main focus of the closed beta.

Our next patch will include a good mix of bug fixes and new content.

To name a few important ones we have overall improvement on our mounts such as mount and dismount animations, a proper calculation on player weight on a mount, and mount bags to carry heavy goods. The nasty invisible horse over certain areas possible fix. We also get player bags to the game. Character size and weight will be connected to the different mount types next to further balance races/size/weight on mounts.

Another big thing are our resource materials that will now get into the game, this means you will be able to see all materials armors and weapons and crafted in. Finally, we get the correct visuals on our high-end materials as well in which we got slightly wrong in MO1. 2
We have added more animals in the world, along with fixed the risar/bandit camps that went missing in last patch. Along with new and more interest points in the world.

City improvements and major tweaks, and the Meduli fountain gets into location.

Another phase of security gets into place as we prepare to finalize this important system as well to make sure everyone plays on the same terms and anyone breaking these rules will be perma removed from the game. These systems are being fine-tuned and finalized during the beta as well to make sure we are fully prepared for persistent.

We are also fully working on the details of MC but still have some work left before we deploy that system in its final state.

We made some important fixes to the flagging system as well but it is not yet in its final testing phase which will confirm the flagging system, we need a bit more time to iron out a few issues here.

Another big optimization has been done on the CPU side of the game allowing greater overall fps for all players, we are looking forward to hearing your improvement here as well. Now the large-scale battles just starting to get INSANELY good performance. Still not fully done with all optimizations done on our end, but its damn good now and we are getting close to be done with the core for now.

These are some of the key points you can expect to see in our next week’s patch. (as long as testing process goes well)