The player should be able to choose between the two nearest Prists when using the nearest Prist function as a ghost.(Quality of life improvement)

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Sep 7, 2020
Or at least he should get shown which one is the nearest prist. In which direction he get teleported. I would also love to have two different spawn locations. This would significently reduce the ghost walking time ! We shoudl be able to select between a home City spawnpoint and between the playerhome spawnpoint, if you own a stronghold.

I would even support Moongate Spots. Magical places that are linked together to reduce the travel time, but there's also a lot that can go wrong if SV would implement it wrong.
The biggest concern is that players won't roam around as much, travel around as much, that the skipable sections of the map will be empty. That valuables can be transported safely, that a guild can mobilize large armies much faster in a siege battle etc, but all of this could be avoided if fast traveling were subject to certain conditions.

-Fast travel through a moongate Spot could cost money to buy a Moonstone !
- There could be a CD if you want to move more then 12 people through the Gate (only as much people that are needed to do a dungeon)
-The Portals could eb at least 15 min away from town, so players can still catch people using a Moongate, before they reach a town.
-There could eb a limit how often a player can enter a Moongate
-There could be restrictions, that a player can´t enter a Moongate with loot in his inventory, so you still ahve to build a house near the dungeon
-The skipable sections of the map would have to be populated with many points of interest so that these sections are visited by many players and are not empty!

Atm it just take to much time for a casual player to play the game, if he want to visit a dungeon.
1h prepare time, 1h travel time, 2 h dungeon time and 1 h travel back time.

This are 5h and this is too long for a casual player ! The travel time could be shortened by 1 h with some strategic placed moongates. The group would still have to ride back the whole Route if they have loot in their inventory, which cant be transported through Moongates and if you could only use a Moongatespot 1 time every 24h ! Players that not have that much time could now be able to join a dungeon event ! 1 h prepare time + 30 min travel time + 2 h dungeon run time and then log out and ride back later. That would be 3 1/2 hour and this would be fine for a casual player that cant play 8 h a day !

Many players that quit told me that the game is too time consuming for them. Not the time to lvl upyour char or skills ! This is a bit too fast but the time before you get somethign going !
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