The Noble Ones


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May 28, 2020
The Khurite Provinces have always been a dangerous realm. The foggy forest of Moh Ki is thick with a thriving vegetation. Springbok, razerback, bears and wolves all cohabit—while the forest troll feeds on the greatest of men. Banditry is also common. Small clans often come east to hunt here and poach our precious resources. They look for weaker opponents, many of them are starving, having been ran out of the west by KotO, or pushed out of the north by Risar Hordes and stronger alliances. Moh Ki is also home of The Noble Ones—defenders of the east. They are not noble by birthright, or social political status, nor are they aristocratic; but they are noble as in morally conscientious, respected individuals who deal with evil as a common profession. Many of them are peasants, who live off the land and are against the tyranny of the Tindremic Empire. The lore of TNO has stood its time and will continue to stand even in the face of opposition; they are resilient warriors who fight to uphold morality and all things good.88F5DE57-82A0-4FF9-914C-A1068BE6E919.jpeg
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