The Legion - Open Recruitment of all Savages.

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Jun 6, 2020
English Speaking - Heavily RPK Guild

"Strength Above All"

HISTORY: Our history is new. We have only started as a guild recently, but all have our own histories and experiences within the game. Most of us are Mortal Online 1 veterans who know one another well. As of now we dominate the combat alpha, and will experience the same success after persistence.

GOALS: We will cut out our own piece of Myrland, and rule it without mercy. We will participate in the global conflict. We will War without hesitation. We will root out and destroy the rat infestation that plagues the continents. We will give no quarter.

- You, as a NEW player, will have the opportunity to join a group of knowledgeable individuals. The secrets that were so coveted by the MO 1 Veterans will be given to you. You will be taught to thrive, fight, and win, molding you into an effective cog in the War Machine.
- You, as a VETERAN player, will have the opportunity for your past transgressions to be forgiven, and become part of something larger. A home where what you've done no longer defining you, but what you WILL do. As long as you are a member of The Legion, you will be trusted, invested in, and welcomed with open arms.

"Strength through Unity"

- Training for one purpose. To make an effective War Machine. One that thrives in constant chaos and combat.
- A diverse group of individuals from varying histories who like to have a great time slaying our enemies.
- A Brotherhood. We will never harm our own, only those who intend to do harm upon us. This will be a place for you to grow, and learn, without fear of retaliation.

TENANTS: The rules that govern our actions. Each member must adhere to the Tenants. Failure to do so reaps consequences, with regular failures equaling termination.

I - Die Doing Damage. No running. Give 100% in all combat engagements.
II - Strength through Unity. Don't hurt your boys, hurt everyone else.
III - Respect the 1v1, always. Pre arranged duels are granted full immunity regardless of the outcome. Winner takes all.
IV - NO combat looting whatsoever. Leave their bags on the ground until they're all dead. Combat Looting takes away from dps.
V - Discipline in Combat Comms. Clutter is ineffective. Listen to the comms leader call outs, and follow all instruction. Only call for Heals and Peels.
VI - Follow All Rules set by StarVault. We wont be known as victorious through exploits, hacks, or cheats. We will do it the right way. Crush our enemies conventionally, and give them no excuse.

REQUIREMENTS: There are few.
- Have a pulse.
- Have the drive to continue onward, even in the face of defeat.
- English speaking would be a bonus, but not a requirement. Language barriers can be overcome.

If You Want To Join Simply message myself, or other members of The Legion for an introduction.
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