The Harbingers of Judgment - Seeking Mercenaries, Cutthroats, and Newbs Who Want to Experience PvP

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Nov 28, 2020
Mission Statement

To allow newbs to meaningfully contribute to enjoyable PvP fights starting as early as their first day of play.

Core Concept

We aim to occupy a middle ground between a newb guild and a true guild. A newb guild, in its purest form, is a guild you join to learn the game with the expectation that you will one day leave and join other guilds. A true guild is a permanent home that has political objectives and ideologies.

We have a commitment-free environment that focuses on exposing new players to PvP and teaching them the basics of MO2. After your introductory period has expired, you may leave. No hard feelings, no strings attached. Or, if our guild culture appeals to you, we induct you into the main guild when your time as a trainee is finished. The main guild is complete with regular members, stronger ties, and political objectives.

In this way, new players can learn about the game from experienced players with actual ties to the community, but with less commitment expected than a traditional guild.

What We Do

At times, we may focus on pvp. Sometimes, we may be going to war or filling mercenary contracts. If we're not doing that, we’re riding from boss mob to boss mob. We may even do trade convoys at times. But whatever we’re doing, we aim to stay on the move, constantly on the hunt for PvP.

Does that mean that’s all you’re allowed to do? No. You can mine, chop trees, build a house or fish. The focus of the guild is to provide a constant option for members to go out pvping and doing content together whenever they are online.


We aim to keep this a very nonrestrictive environment. We are, after all, a horde of mercenaries and murder-hobos. Likewise, we expect there will be some trash talk with our enemies along with general rowdiness. This is all expected and fine. We only ask the following:

  1. Be in voice and listen to the commander. NEVER argue with the commander during PvP situations.
  2. Do not attack neutrals, allies, or guildlesses (though guildlesses in Fabernum, Cave Camp, and GK are free game; this is subject to change in the future). Feel free to attack anyone on our hostiles list!
  3. Don’t be toxic to other members. If people don’t enjoy having you around, we will boot you.
  4. Don't do anything obviously stupid or highly toxic like IRL death threats, doxing, or hacking. We're chill here but don't test our damn limits.
  5. You must keep to your word in any deals you make. Those caught scamming will be ejected from the guild. This is to maintain our credibility with those who seek our services as mercenaries. No trust, no contracts.
  6. Don't talk smack to allies or neutrals.

Guild Lore

This is not an RP guild, but here’s a bit of backstory for those who care.

The Harbingers of Judgment are a mercenary core. As the Harbingers grew, many races with diverse cavalry traditions were folded into their ranks. Even regular mercenaries merely looking for work have joined and shared their wisdom in both mounted and foot fighting combat tactics. As a result, the Harbingers are far more varied than the Sarducaans and Khurites that comprised the bulk of their original forces.

The Harbingers are a rowdy, cutthroat lot, but they’re willing to make deals with those who value their lives. They strictly uphold such deals once they are struck, as their reliability as mercenaries and comradery with each other are the only kind of "honor" that holds any stock. Many in their ranks were originally targeted to be robbed or murdered, but they offered to pay for their lives in steel, a price the Harbingers will gladly allow them to pay.

Though the Horde is not as nomadic as it once was, if you listen carefully, you can still hear their hooves thundering across the land under the great blue sky. For the right price.

Real History

The Harbingers come from a long history of ARPK (anti-random player killing) and anti-griefing across several titles. What we’ve learned, however, is that we were defending cowards. Those we helped never hesitated to stab us in the back in the name of whatever guild appeared strongest at the time. We have no interest in defending those who will lick their oppressor’s boots if they think it will save their precious houses and keeps (because truthfully, it never does anyway).

So, we’re shifting our focus in MO2 from protecting newbs to throwing them straight into harm’s way, but doing so in a way they can enjoy it and feel like meaningful contributors. Newbs don’t need to be protected from PvP in a title such as this. They need to experience it in the right way. We can offer that experience. While a Non-RPK status currently suits our objectives, we are not actively ARPK and are willing to work with RPK groups.

Join, Find Out More, Or Hire us as Mercenaries

Stop on by our Discord and speak to Dagasi/Phillywob or Kaemik to inquire about joining, or any other official matter. Or, just come say hi!

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