The Black Book (Bounties)


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Jan 6, 2021
The rules are simple. I will post when a bounty is available with last known location and the first person to DM me will be assigned the target. You must submit a screenshot of your combat log with damage and murder text, a picture of their corpse & loot, and bring me their severed head and you will receive the posted reward. You may use any number of allies you wish to achieve the task, however the single reward will only be given once and you must divide it amongst yourselves as you see fit. I will not reward someone who is in the guild of the player with the bounty. I am not responsible for anything that befalls you during or after completing this task or any diplomatic issues you may incur from completing it. You of course keep all loot for your kill, I only want their head.

I may make this into a Discord server.

Target(s) Available:
1 Target in Bakti area (Reward: 1 stack Calx Powder)