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May 28, 2020
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I played MO 1 at beta and launch , but after while, subs are just a waste for any game.... Most people I know loved subs back in the day, but now, for many people that is what stops them from playing.. Why not offer what ESO does, I understand this is a different type of game, but you could offer, where peeps don't get bug fixes, content, if they don't say pay for updates...content IE ESO..... But they still can play the game they just would not have access to certain content, ability's cosmetics and so on..... many ways to handle this....
but in the long run it would bring in more players, and keep others that want to play, to play....... also you could sell skins and other things..... . I been a game developer myself 1990's who supports indies but I see this mistake from many indies with this whole sub thing..... be would make more money and keep and active player base..

Split content into DLC's of sort like world bosses, access to certain new crafting abilities or w/e I mean the sky is the limit on these sand box games, which yes are different than say more of a theme park like ESO, or Guild Wars...but, if you get creative enough, it could work out....and I bet any money you would get a hell of a lot more players and money...... an active community is what helps indies, we did this with Xsyon when it first released many played because of our guild and, our allied guilds played too....... back then and I had many game developers who where in our community who loved to support indies who played.........

.....I ran a gaming community of gamers for 17 years for MMORPG's but like I said, we left MO and I had no more time to run it.....and MMO's aren't what they once was, when subs where fine... today they are what hurts most games... . so Henric that F2P is a major turn off, its just a trial, which is fine...but for the long run, I would offer, as I said above......

. I bet you would make more money and like I said if players see a dead server they won't spend money, if they find people they like gaming with and They will spend money.. but, this sub thing is old hat.. most won't bother anymore... Its one reason, I don't give MO anymore money . . . .ESO I STILL pay for every update, and I play when I can/.....but I'm not rushed and forced to play in the worry of my sub.......running... ESO in my opinion, has one of the best models.... and if you are creative, with MO2, with how ESO does, it since MO2 is a different game.... you could do something like it.. .. .. Just my opinion.... from being in the industry as a game developer and gamer myself.. I will at least check it out.. but I know I won't keep an active sub..... for reasons I said above.

Good luck either way.. looking forward to seeing what you make. I always supported many of the indie sand boxes out there Dawntide, ( canceled ) Xsyon, Dark Fall, 1, 2, MO 1 and so many others... so, glad MO is still around though, I always tell people how much I like the MO crafting. you did a great job with it... before. So, I hope MO2 crafting will be just as good. /cheers. :)

I for one sub to MO because I do not have to deal with the 'creative' stuff other games like to do. I am more than happy to sub for the game and get everything the game currently has to offer at no extra cost.

What you are suggesting sounds a bit likes player suggestions that lead to SV adding F2P to MO. Which they now say was a mistake. So, I don't see them heading down this road again in the near future anyway.
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Jan 28, 2021
Currently we are looking at a standard client for $39 and $14,25 subscriptions /€ for eu players.
This may change when we get closer to release but this is what we are looking at currently.

Can you please let us know if anything changed about this pricing, especially the $39 client price.
And if I buy the donation to access Alpha/Beta, do I still need to buy the client at release?

Basically I didnt know about the client fee and I was waiting for release (subscription) to play the game.
But if the client fee still stands (at 39$) and I wont have to pay it after buying the donation then I will bite the bullet and buy the donation now. Otherwise I'll wait another month for (hopefully) the release.


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May 28, 2020
Can you please let us know if anything changed about this pricing, especially the $39 client price.
And if I buy the donation to access Alpha/Beta, do I still need to buy the client at release?

If you pay now you will get access to the alpha/beta and one subscribed month after release and of cause access to the game without any further payment for the game at release. Just the monthly fee.

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May 27, 2020
As it says on the website, the client cost 39 with sub included, you subscribe each month you want to play the game. There are different packages and different lenght on subs with discount.

If you bought the donation access you already have the client for release as well and will only have to have an active sub to continue to play after the included month.
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