Spiritism and Casting while Dead.


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Apr 6, 2021
I want to be clear here first and foremost. This thread is only about my suggestions and not the other issues that Spiritism has. Please do not add them as that's something i already know about and would rather talk about in another thread.

Now, with that out of the way here's my suggestion. I believe that certain Spiritism spells should be cast-able while moving In the Spirit world. The below suggestions are only for the spirit world and not intended for live casting.

The list of spells that should follow this would be Mental Projectile, Ether momentum, and mental healing. Now you might ask how one would cast Ether momentum and mental healing without a way to move and interrupt the cast allowing for the self cast. Well these would need to be reworked or SV would have to get off their asses and make a self-cast modifier key. Assuming they don't make such a key this is how I would change the spells to be usable with the new movement.

Ether Momentum: It would become a self-cast aoe buff that gives the same bonuses. This allows you to actually travel and not waste time starting and stopping every single minute of your travel time and still allows you to cast it on others if you want. An alternative to casting this while moving would be to increase the duration of the spell to 5-10 minutes. Or we could be nice and do both, because having to constantly cast the spell every minute is not very enjoyable.

Mental Healing: This get's the same treatment as Ether Momentum. It become's self cast only and scales up with your psyche, not down. It currently works under the magic resist rules for some stupid reason, meaning the less psyche your target has the more mana it gives to everyone in the radius. This is not good, so changing how it interacts with this is a must.

Now what do these changes do?

  1. Spiritist pvp. With mental projectile being usable while moving this gives spiritists an actual chance at chasing down and banishing other player spirits. The current version of pvp is basically ambush to borderline afk smashing. Basically the current form relies on the major lack of visual and audio ques for being attacked. If someone just keeps moving and or jumping, you will never be able to banish them in the current form of spiritism unless they are some 10 int, 10 psyche meat-head with like 40 kau.
  2. Scouting. With Ether Momentum being cast-able while moving you can now keep on the move and be constantly searching your surroundings for enemies. Currently it's just not worth pushing the button as it adds too much busy work to something that should be a smooth experience.
  3. Mana-Battery. One of the major issues I have ran into when trying to support my healers with mental healing is the fact that they require constant movement during fights. Being able to move while casting mental healing will greatly improve our ability to accurately distribute mana to our healers. I can't tell you how many times ive gone to cast a mental healing only for the enemy to push and my healer to walk right out of the very small radius of mental healing, causing me to either stop casting or waste my mana completely.