SoloWay guild - the guild for solo players and educational MO2 server

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Mar 7, 2021
SoloWay is an unusual guild in the Mortal Online world, which brings together peaceful players who prefer to play solo most of the time.

You can live anywhere on the map. You can participate or NOT participate in SoloWay guild events.

By default we are neutral / friendly for ALL guilds / alliances in the game. We DO NOT attack other players in the game for no reason (only for self-defense purposes and optionally - if we know that this guild or player many times or constantly attacked us first and continues to do so)

The reasons for playing solo can be different.

For example, there are:

- the player is tired of playing in guilds and just wants to discover the world of the game in peace and quiet, enjoy his gameplay

- unsociable people who don't like to interact with other people very often

- people who can play episodically, not so much, who would like to spend a small amount of precious time on what is interesting primarily to them, when there is simply no time for a guild, community, group, etc.

- family / busy people who cannot communicate by voice and very rarely can communicate by text, who play solo or in a very small group with family members, close friends, etc.

Why SoloWay?

There can be different reasons why people can play in SoloWay guild. Here are some examples as well:

1. Gain experience and share the experience of playing solo or in small groups (consts).

Although solo players often prefer a minimum of communication, it is still necessary. Sometimes you want to share something interesting with like-minded people on the game, get someone's opinion from the outside, discuss something, ask about something.

If you do not want to participate in discussions, you simply do not participate, ignoring such channels (it is advisable to only monitor the guild news channel if possible - there will be NO spam, only important news).

2. For safety in the game.

We will keep the leading alliances and guilds in the game informed that SoloWay players are predominantly solo players or small consts who DO NOT attack other players, who are OUTSIDE of the game politics, who are NOT going to RPK anyone .

These are players who:

- explore the world of Mortal Online 2 solo or in groups
- craft, trade, travel for fun
- learn PvE game mechanics, farm in PvE, arrange PvE challenges for yourself
- learn PvP mechanics (duels, etc.) without attacking other players, guilds etc. with no reasons (only for the purpose of self-defense) and share PvP experience, skills with other players
- help new players to get used to this game
- take a vacation from active play with different guilds, a kind of "reboot"

3. Hi-end game content

As you know, you can get a VERY small percentage of the content in the game solo. Not everyone can craft ALL the necessary equipment for themselves, to be scribers, warriors and mages at the same time, etc. There are points of interest, bosses, dungeons where you need to play in a small group or organize a whole raid.

In the SoloWay guild players can both run solo and help each other with crafting, services in the game (tamers, scribers, etc.), share experience and open mechanics, trade, exchange things and services, gather in temporary and permanent groups (consts) for more complex PvE content, participate in raids and offer your own raids.

4. PvP trainings

Players of the SoloWay guild can leisurely, in a mode that is comfortable for them, without military drill and not being afraid to look like a loser, organize PvP trainings - in pairs, in small groups and also, at the invitation of friendly alliances / guilds, participate in larger trainings.

5. Mutual assistance in obtaining the resources needed by the players - books, artifacts, cloaks, scrolls, etc. Joint farm gold, etc.

This is not all the goals that can be, just an example :)

6. We have a BIG discord database of different guides of MO2 for our discord's members.

Do you want to be a part of us? You are welcome here -
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