Ride with the RoughSeas!

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Jun 27, 2022
"You hear a song through the waves winds" 🎵
The crashing sounds of the fallen souls surrounds us in depth and darkness.

RoughSeas is a neutral Guild that focuses on PvE and PvP play styles.

We are looking for new guild members to come and join our family.
We are looking for all styles of play as we want you to play the game HOW YOU want to.

This guild is set up mainly for the sailing and ships content the developers have spoke about.

We do have some Lore and backstory for our guild. You can find this out by joining the discord. Please use this discord link https://discord.gg/xeYW6BMuTp

We have a mix bunch of players, all different nationalities and all great people.
We are always happy to help and there is never a dull moment with laughs.

We do only ask that you understand English and can speak it well enough for us to understand.

We also do not tolerate discrimination against anyone in any form.

We want to build an amazing community and we hope to hear from you soon.

Not open for further replies.