Reworking threat, clade, and pets for actual balance.


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Apr 6, 2021
So let me try my hand at fixing this as we are currently dealing with skewed exp sharing, Pets being unable to attack Closed-room Bosses, and a very sub-par aggro management system. These are the things I wish to address here, so feel free to point out any flaws or issues this might cause.

First thing is first, we have to change how mobs interact with threat. Currently it works like this:
If you walk within the usual "vision" range of the mob you will get put on it's threat table, even if they are currently aggroed to another person. The person with the most damage dealt has the most threat and are the target of the mob for 20-25 seconds (this varies). After this time the mob effectively reduces the main target and all other targets on its threat table to 0 except for the 2nd highest threat builder. ( this is speculation from over 1k hours of fighting trolls, but it may not be exactly how it works) It then targets the 2nd place threat builder as its new main target and the cycle continues. Essentially, if you have two high damage players continuously attacking the mob it will bounce its focus between the two and never swap to another target. Now you might think this is wrong as there have been plenty of boss fights where this does not happen, and all I can say is that things happen to cause your normal high damage players to miss, handle hit, or otherwise not be dealing damage, causing them to fall out of the top 2 Threats.

So, What problem does this system have? If your group only has 1 footy, one of your healers will get aggro after the 20-25 seconds and the mob targets the 2nd highest threat on the table. This is a very big problem for small groups of players, especially if multiple mobs are pulled. Even if the footy hits all of the extra mobs, if they do not die by the target swap timer, the mage is suddenly being attacked by say, 2 risars with mauls.

Alright now that we have covered the threat system, I need to address the other two before I can give my solution as it coincides with all three. Clade is currently being granted in a very odd way, Again, using the 2 party system of a healer and tank/dps, prolonged fights cause the healer to get a much larger portion of the clade from a mob. This does not make sense, the mob would not die without the footy and the footy would not live without the healer. This is why party systems exist in the first place in mmos, to evenly distribute rewards and experience between allies. However we cannot do that here, but we can do the next best thing to solve it. The third part now are pets, these poor things had their ability to attack bosses entirely removed. I should not need to explain how crippling an entire playstyle with three variants, taming, domination, and necromancy is a bad idea.

Ok, sorry for the wall of text, I will now get to the solutions. First, Threat tables should calculate healing as "unprioritized damage" (overhealing is not counted)to the mob, meaning that as long as there is at least one other player dealing damage to the mob, it will not attack the healer. What this does is make fights more straight forward in regards to tanking. Additionally shields will give players a passive 20% increase in threat generation on melee attacks. (this number can be adjusted) Next, if a player has generated threat with healing, or dealing damage to the mob, they get an even split of the clade from the kill if they are alive and within 5000 (adjustable) distance of the slain mob. Now what this should do is make sure that threat is directly generated by attacking or healing, and only those that heal allies or attack the boss get experience without completely ruining the tank's ability to hold threat. And finally, pet damage on the same bosses that were marked for "pet immunity" will no longer generate threat. Basically this gets rid of tanking bosses with a single pet, but still allows players to bring dps pets that can contribute to boss kills.
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Jul 27, 2021
I have yet to really do any of the bosses aside from taking pics of those who are. That being said I like where your going with all of this. Also had no idea that tamers had been basically removed from the best pve in the game. Ofc I understand if there is a boss glitch but surely there is a better solution to removing an entire build. Hope all this gets worked out. I think discussions like this can only help in the long run. Good stuff
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