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Dec 20, 2020
Requiem [REQ]



Our main membership are EU based, our leadership is GMT+0 but we accept members from around the world .


Requiem is neither of these, we're a feudal style of guild focused on protecting our lands, resources and achieving our objectives. We've been in many wars in the past and won, we will be offensive and defensive depending on the siutation. We have the might but also will use diplomacy at times, but when all else fails we'll fight and win.


Requiem is a long standing community and guild, with origins as Dogma in Darkfall. The guild has existed in many MMORPGs and dominated, with its mainstay being Mortal Online. The guild has always valued its history and our ability to last for so long over so many different games, of course we're back now for our long awaited Mortal Online 2.

Guild Goals

Our aims and dreams haven't changed much over the years and can be summed up simply.

- Establish our selves as a powerful guild both politically, militarily and economically
- Carve out a piece of land for all within our guild, and all vassals of our guild to reap the wealth and security of said land
- Provide an organised and structured environment for players to enjoy the game and experience all it has to offer
- Develop our members in all areas of the game, growing their skills and knowledge in PvP and PvE
- Provide our members many options to procure wealth and maintain their wealth
- Events and planned guild activities available to all members, so nobody feels left out and all can join in on the fun
- Provide a community that welcomes both new and old players, and to spread our wealth of knowledge to all members

Requirements to Join

- Have Discord
- Have a working microphone
- Speak and read English
- Must be 16+


To join you can message myself GhostNial#0986 or OreArid#0901 on discord or message me on the forums to receive information and links, go to our website directly and put in an application or join our Discord

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