[RBT] Royal Bank of Tindrem

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May 28, 2020
Royal Bank of Tindrem [RBT]

The one and only bank in Nave is recruiting new players as well as veterans. We are PvE guild focused mostly on :

-trading (with everything)
-transporting (materials, gold, books... basically everything)
-crafting (every player is free to choose his profession)
-treasure hunting

Every player is free to choose his profession.
While tagged as RBT you will be known as honest trader. Reputation is one of the most important thing in Nave and by joining RBT you are on the good way to gain your reputation quick.
We are also participating in PvP trainings (optional) just to be able to defend our selves and to help our coalition in battles. Again every player is free to choose his own weapon for fighting.
From time to time we group together with our coalition guilds for dungeons to confront more dangerous creatures.
We will always help our coalition in fights if we are able to.

What kind of players we are looking for - honest and honorable.
Death before dishonor.

Main goal is to have fun, not obligations.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please contact Angelo#3436 on discord or PM on forum.
Not open for further replies.