Pillows is Recruiting for the Dream Team!

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Feb 28, 2022

Guild Name: Pillows
Guild Regions: NA (main) / EU & / AUS
Guild Discord: Discord.gg/Pillows

Game Regions: Meduli (Main) - Moh Ki (Main) - Sator Dungeon (Secondary)
Headquarters: Meduli Stronghold (PillowFortress)

Name Origin: The Pillows Guild derived its name from a pivotal moment of revelation. Founders, seeking refuge from the virtual battlefield, gathered in a cozy tavern. Amid tales of conquests, a member leaned back against velvety cushions, inspiring the idea of a guild where gaming and comfort coexist. "Pillows" symbolizes our commitment to balance, offering warriors respite while pursuing epic quests. In our guild, you'll find the softness of camaraderie alongside the thrill of adventure. Pillows will provide comfort to any friendly Mryland citizen, while smothering all those that oppose us and our friends.

We know it's stupid, but it's the embodiment of what we're looking to accomplish - competitive yet fun gameplay without taking ourselves too seriously.

Guild Description: The Pillows Guild is born from the harmonious fusion of Reapers and Crimson Swarm, esteemed former squads of the Wardens. Our central hub is nestled in the scorching deserts of Meduli. Pillows thrives in amicable collaboration with the coalition and enclave alliance, fostering a synergy for large-scale mounted PvP in the defense of Meduli and Moh Ki regions. We extend our influence to the depths of the Sator Dungeon, engaging in nimble small-scale PvP ratting and ground-level skirmishes. Our mission is simple: to revel in the gaming experience. When the clarion call of battle echoes, we respond with unwavering valor. We see gaming as a collective adventure — a journey shared through triumphs and defeats. Dedication is our daily ritual as a guild, creating an environment where the success of the guild elevates the individual journey of each member.

Playstyle: Pillows Guild seamlessly marries territory control with an ARPK (Anti-Random Killer) flair.
  • Territory Control: We are steadfast protectors of our own and our friendlies' interests, engaging adversaries honorably and effectively. We maintain high standards of respect in our interactions, even beyond our Ally/Enemy list.
  • ARPK Dynamics: In the Coalition and Enclave territory, we embrace ARPK, while practicing a more moderate version of it throughout Mryland. We don't condone senseless aggression, especially against defenseless players.
  • Our rules are straightforward: abide by Coalition and Enclave policy within our domain and treat everyone with respect wherever you roam. We're not interested in overly complicated rules or overly limiting rules of engagement.
  • Out of territory: We seek adventure elsewhere, embarking on significant operations within the Sator dungeon in the jungle. This nurtures our close-knit teamwork, and we celebrate diversity in playstyles, with members scattered across the map pursuing various various endeavors.
What we're looking for: We’re looking for all types of players from farmers to fighters, from casual to hardcore, from new to veteran; we’ve got a place for you. We have a wide array of players, with an even wider array of character builds. All we ask is to do your best to have a character prepared to play with us in some capacity and align with our values.
Our primary language is English.
We have lots of players from North/South America, Europe, and Oceania!

How to apply and contact details?
Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns.
Recruitment: jeffrey6 or venomouswg
Diplomacy/Trade: ._.vandal or venomouswg
Join our discord at: Discord.gg/Pillows
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