Pillows is looking for Jungle/Sator Dungeon Rats!

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Feb 28, 2022

Guild Name: Pillows
Guild Regions: NA (main) / EU & / AUS
Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/EuyVR7sxDb

Game Regions: Sator Dungeon (Main) - Odin's Post (Secondary) - Moh Ki (Secondary)
Headquarters: Sator Dungeon Stronghold (BushPillow)

We know the guild name is stupid, but it's the embodiment of what we're looking to accomplish - competitive yet fun gameplay without taking ourselves too seriously.

Guild Description: The Pillows core is from the Wardens, formed by the merger of Reapers and Crimson Swarm. We're based out of the Sator Dungeon area in our TC village, with limited operations out of Odin’s Post and Moh Ki areas. Our guild seeks fun, tight competitive small-scale foot PvP. We're looking for those fun outnumbered rat fights, where we use our expertise working together and of the terrain to our advantage.

Playstyle: We operate as an alliance based guild.
We're not looking to randomly murder newbies, but we're also not looking to deny ourselves content. And we're friendly with both the Odin Seed Enclave alliance and the Meduli Coalition alliance. Along with friendly with whoever's cool enough. This provides us with large-scale, siege PvP when the fancy strikes us.

When the call comes to fight, we fight.

We play together, we win together, and we die together.

Try to recover what loot we can and get it back to people, but the main goal is synergy.

What we're looking for: No drama, no griefing, and conduct yourself with class (unless you're Venomous). We're just looking for cool folks to play with who want to rat dungeons. And get in cool small scale PvP. We play Helldiver 2 and whatever the flavor of the month is together. We also have a core of PvE players, we have all the TC structures and our area has Calx and Granum for optimal steel production.

How to apply and contact details?
Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns.
Recruitment: jeffrey6 or venomouswg
Diplomacy/Trade: ._.vandal or venomouswg
Join our discord at: https://discord.gg/EuyVR7sxDb
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