Pet Leveling


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May 24, 2023
So me and my friend got ganked by a guild again again, and for him he just crafted another bow and paid some silver for arrows, then was good to go. For me I have to spend a couple days to re-tame and re-level pets. Being ganked and killed is part of the game but it feels really bad to not only lose a whole day, gaining 20 levels for pets but now means Ill have to spend another couple days to re-tame and re-level. I just feel like a small amount of love for tamers is warranted, because we spend most of our time afk leveling pets rather than enjoying the game. Casuals player will probably never see a 125 pet without buying it from the broker because it simply takes too much time.


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Jan 8, 2021
Most people that i know level their pets on an alt account. But yes, there has to be some sort of drawback for how easy pet combat is. Levelling pets its not hard, its just tedious. So is getting high level metals, or potions, or anything of worth. You cant expect high level pets for easy and free.
Just be happy that pets are very strong right now, because this will get nerfed eventually.