Patch Notes (Hotfix)


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Dec 9, 2021
Patch Notes
  • Journal entry for discovering Shinarian Labyrinth should now work.
  • Wisent bags added.
  • Fixed issue causing Siege status to not properly sync when a new node takes over
  • /e, /emote no longer crashes the client.
  • Fixed rare node crash.
  • Updated mastery tooltips
  • Tribesmen AI in Shinarian labyrinth now uses spear instead of sword
  • Title lists now sort unlocked title A-Z and locked titles in % left until unlocked.
  • Mastery Summary now shows with one decimal.
  • Tooltip for mastery xp bar now shows how much more xp you need to get to the next level.
  • Remove white part of the mastery xp bar.
  • Fixed Twitch reward not showing up among rewards correctly.
  • Performance optimization for the latest dungeon.
  • Updated how Haven instances are chosen. Upon login, you are now placed in a populated Haven instance instead of a random one. This makes it easier to play with friends, as you only need to relog to both end up in the same instance.