[ORDO] New Mercenary Guild looking for new/experienced fighters!

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Dalarius Avicius

New member
Aug 25, 2021
We are the Ordo Mercenarii

Who we are

-We are an Order of Mercenaries looking to fight for causes that are profitable but "honorable".
-We are neither ARPK nor RPK, we are simply Mercenaries. We do not raid or pillage, nor "protect the weak" unless it is a paying job. But we can and WILL defend ourselves.
-We base ourselves out of Tindremic territory, but will be willing to take contracts all across Myrland.

Our mission statements

-To achieve the PUREST PVP experience possible in the game. We feel that by being Mercenaries we can best achieve that.
-To promote the "Mercenary lifestyle" for players in general, regardless of if they are guilded or not.
-To become a reliable and transparent organization. We do not participate in politics and we have nothing to hide from anyone.

What we offer
-A chance to make money by PVPing in the game.
-Guidance on how to learn every aspect of the game
-A tight knit brotherhood that always takes care of their own
-A fun, overall experience as we make a name for ourselves together!

Contracts we are willing to take
-Wardecs (offense & defense)
-Town defense/Militia
-Asset Defense
-Individual/Guild Training

Contracts we are NOT willing to take
-Asset destruction (we will defend assets but never destroy)
-Griefing (stuff like priest camping or deliberately killing new players)
-Wardeccing Noob Guilds (unless they're full blown communities from other hardcore games like Last Oasis, etc.)
-Any contract against a guild significantly smaller in size compared to the inquiring Guild. We REFUSE to be zerglings.

- Ages 18+
-A positive attitude
-Must join Guild discord
-Must be willing to learn
-Must be willing to be patient
-Must be willing to accept and enjoy the game for what it is.

If you are interested in joining, join our Discord, link is: https://discord.gg/QmwY7RYZ74

You can also message me on here or contact me via Discord: Dalarius Avicius#8706 if you have questions or inquiries. Thank you.
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