New Tindrem: The Crown Jewel of West Myrland


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May 29, 2020
There is no greater wonder of the modern world in West Myrland than the grand and majestic city of New Tindrem. Built from the ground up upon the ashes of Old Tindrem, the new city stands as a towering symbol of the enduring legacy of the once-mighty Tindremic Empire. Partial construction had begun a year before the Second Conflux, which gave it a much needed facelift and new facilities such as the great city Library.

The building of New Tindrem was a massive undertaking that took 200 years before its gates would officially open to the public. Many from all corners of the continent and beyond who ventured forth to visit this great wonder of the modern world knew which direction to head by following the unbelievably tall imperial spires which towered far above the sky such that it could be seen from a long distance away.

Not only was its famed Central District restored to full functioning order, it was rebuilt more beautifully and masterfully than anyone could have ever imagined. Visitors who were permitted to enter past the heavily guarded Main Gate were greeted with fine-crafted marble monuments and exquisite tapestry of all kinds dedicated to the glory and grandeur of the Tindremic Empire and its people. Public baths, parlours and other modern amenities dotted the Central Plaza to showcase the luxury and opulence of those who call Tindrem their home.

But New Tindrem did not stop there. It went so far as to rebuild its ill-fated Arena in the hopes that one day it would realise its truest potential in drawing large crowds and famous fighters from all across the globe to take part in bloody, spectacular gladiatorial sports. For those who seek solace and serenity Tindremic-style, there is the Tindrem Garden. A place so tranquil and pleasant to the eyes, that many who are weary and beaten down by the rigours of life in the harsh and unforgiving world that is Nave, resort there to escape it all - if only for a short while.

Much like its predecessor, New Tindrem has its own ambitions to regain its prestige and status as a premier power in West Myrland. To that end, it has recently constructed fortifications in the form of guard towers along the roads leading out of important Tindremic provinces such as Fabernum and Meduli. The official justification given for such fortifications is the protection of innocent travellers and merchants from roving warbands and highwaymen. But those who distrust the Tindremic Empire believe it is the first step in its grand plan to re-establish regional dominance.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that New Tindrem is once again the Capital, the Crown Jewel according to some pundits, of West Myrland. At its present trajectory, it is poised to cause other powers on the continent to take notice of its progress and intent to retake its place on the world stage. It may no longer rule the world as it once did, but it stands as a testament to the tenacity and ingenuity of the Tindremic people, and their indomitable will and spirit to rise to the challenge, no matter the odds.
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