Need help with character build


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Jun 4, 2024
I ended up ditching Thursar, too slow movement but the tankiness and damage was nice. Ideally I want my character to be able to take hits but run fast and be able to use magic largely for healing. I'm more concerned about healing my mount than myself. It doesn't seem like you can be a tank, healer, and DPS at the same time in this game. I'm a solo player.


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May 29, 2020
Solo player here. The game has preset builds now, though if that does not help, pure Tindremene could be an option, as they can be hybrid fighter mages. Alvarins may be another option, they have some nice abilities and do well as mages.


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Jan 8, 2021
You are correct that you cant have everything. You have to choose either speed, or tankyness, or healing in this game. The faster you are the squishier you’ll get, and vice versa.

Like above said, if you are looking at a fast healer the best race is Alvarins (31 year old). They are the fastest race on foot and all their clades are for running and kiting. Their draw back is that they are squishy. They have low hp and, especially if specced as mages, cant wear much armor. For solo player i would recommend them for sure. However, coming from a Thirsar you’ll have to adjust to how much squishier Alvarins are. If they catch you, you’ll die a lot faster.

Humans are only average speed( same as Thursars) , but they can wear more armor as mages, and have more mana regen than Alvarins. Humans really only shine in group settings, imo, with their clade that halves friendly damage. The problem with humans is that they are average at everything. Average speed. Average armor weight. Average melee damage bonus. Average magic damage. They excel at being jack of all trades, but arent particularly strong at anything.

Ps: it is unclear if you are planning to be a melee fighter or dagger mage, bit both races can be either. However, if you want to be a melee fighter you wont have much healing. The only way to effectively heal your mount (even while riding) is if you are a mage, otherwise you have to dismount and use bandages.
There is an Arcane Archer build that is strictly a mounted build (fat wheelchair build) that is a Mounted Archer with almost full magery for healing. While this build is very good for solo mounted farming and surviving mounted fights, once you get dismounted, or lose your horse, you are dead. No foot skills and slow af.
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