Necromancy - QoL and PVE suggestions


Mar 27, 2021
As a big fan of UO magery system, I see huge potential in Necromancy to finally give Mages tools to be self-sufficient in PVE. Following are suggestions to get there and possibly smooth some rougher edges. If below changes would mean further balancing in PVP, I still think it's worth a consideration, but I am trying to isolate those changes to PVE mostly.

Walker changes
Is Control needed?
I don't really see how spawning a Walker yet not being able to command it straight away would be advantageous. They should be directly under control since spawn moment and immediately draining mana. Added benefit - no reason to spam 17 walkers that you cannot use anyway at the same time (= less server resources wasted, less lag for everyone). If there are some reasons why they need not to be directly under control, at least change the Control spell to be small AOE (5m max) that can take control of up to 5 zombies simultaneously.

Is Command implemented the best way?
Walkers should be in follow mode by default and return to follow after finishing their task (e.g. killing Bandit). I know you need to command tamer pets more actively between attack and follow, but pet commanding those is free. Alternatively, add cheaper (reg-wise) insta-cast command that can be used more fluidly.

Walker despawn timer
I don't consider this really necessary, if we are afraid server would be littered with forgotten Walkers, my Control suggestion fixes that (I don't think any self-conscious mage would leave behind something draining their mana). A Dispel Evil spell would be nice to get rid of your own Walkers when you don't need them anymore (but please don't let us dispel other players' pets, that's not cool!). At the very least I suggest to double the timer to 10 minutes as 5 minutes in PVE is not much, especially considering they are not cheap to spam.

Walker roles - to introduce a bit of strategy about which walkers to use in right situation and keep all types worthy of use
walker - These could be even spawned in group of 2-3, they are your common cannon fodder, mostly a distraction, or material for explosion at best. Keeping these the only walkers being able to explode would give them value even for end game Necromancer. Not much of either physical or magical resist, but should be able to survive hit or two. Ensuring they can make it to ranged target more often than not could be done by giving them short-lived medium speed boost.
Strong walker - These could move a bit faster, being your damage dealer and finisher (when NPC starts to run, they should be able to keep up, this is quite big issue with current walkers speed). They have best magic resist of all walkers, average physical resist, fastest attacks (with balanced damage). They could even debuf target physical resistance (talking strictly PVE) OR magical resistance (making them valuable companion to mages who want to PVE in more self-cast way while being able to be mana and time efficient).
Greater walker - your tank, small AOE taunt aura that keeps NPCs focusing them, best physical resist, not much of magic resist. These should be meaty enough (not necesarily turle/crab level) to let you heal them up and tank higher end NPC reasonably (not bosses, for those we have rituals, but you should be able to clear bandit camp containing Veterans).

Usually, using combination of at least one Tank, few damage dealers, some cannon fodder would be okay approach, with harder content requiring paying more attention of best Walker type to be used.

General Necromancy related PVE changes
Currently, Necromancer is behind huge gold wall. You need Spiritism to be able to use Necromancy to full potential. Problem is further magnified by Necromancy (and Spiritism to certain extent) reg accessibility and cost. Also there is unprecedented need to travel a LOT to get needed books/candles/circles. Inability to have permanent altar in holding is also an issue (this is planned though).

Make regs more accessible (also candles/circles)
Getting blood and ash is rather tedious and basically possible only in single (few?) spot on map. It's currently impossible to buy them from players for reasonable prices. Introduce few NPC vendors selling them at fixed price OR add more spots where to farm them (smaller necromancer camps, similar to bandit camps) OR add Necromancy related profession skills so established necromancers are able to get Ash by burning (possibly only humanoid) corpses and Blood by buchering them. This can be balanced to the liking to still keep those regs more rare/expensive than regular regs but not forcing you to go out of your way to be just able play the game.

Check on Spiritism costs
I really like how Necromancy extends Spritism gameplay with smart reg choices on stuff like Death Hand allowing for new plays. What is less likeable is fact, that Spiritism at time of writing cost serveral thousands of gold to be able to farm spirits/use portals and you need spirits basically since Necromancy level 1. Either allow for spirit farming early in the skill somehow, or improve book drops a bit to make Spiritism reasonable enough to get into. Necromancy is already hard to reach for newer player while Spiritism is borderline next to impossible due to costs. I understand there's some exclusivity in some skills, but let's keep it reasonable.

Anabolic Man

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Sep 7, 2020
"A Dispel Evil spell would be nice to get rid of your own Walkers" I agree we need to be able to abandon them, if a walkr not followed and you ride to next camp,so he not continiue to frain your mana.
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Jul 10, 2020
They should make it so casting sacrificial eruption on yourself detonates all your walkers that are out of the normal sacrificial eruption range.(effectively becomes a dismiss all undeads that are not near you spell) and casting sacrificial heal on yourself should sacrifice a random undead. That way it actually gets some quality of life and becomes a pretty decent oh shit self cast. Make sacrificial heal range something like 4000-5000. Both control and command range could use a range increase as well.

Control should definitely remain as a spell so you can take over inferior necromancers pets, Love doing that btw. But I do agree we need some sort of quality of life for when initially summoning undeads, be it they are already under control when summoned like suggested or like also suggested an aoe effect of the control spell would make a extremely tedious task less tedious. Reapplying control every 5 minutes when you have 12-15 out is terrible.

Just make it so that for the taking over of other peoples undeads you need to apply it on an individual level and it'll be a much smoother experience overall with the other changes while not completely becoming too easy to dominate other necromancers.