Mortal Online Map


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May 28, 2020
Mortal Online Map -

Main features:
  • Locate towns, resources, creatures, dungeons and more
  • Track PVP battles, make challenges and find trade listings
  • Live chat with other players and comment on PVP markers
  • Create your own custom map with private markers & paths
  • Share your map with a group and see additions in real time
  • See landmarks with screenshots to help you navigate Nave
  • Check the in-game time and get alerts for when its sunrise
  • Get notified when a streamer goes live or a battle reported
  • View detailed town maps with vendor locations and more
  • Report discoveries you find to help build up the public map
Latest Update:
  • New videos / events and those since your last visit will be marked "new"
  • Resource markers now display as a dot at high zoom levels to keep things tidy
  • Sidebar videos now show their youtube thumbnail in the icon and on hover
  • Dungeons can now have priests attached and will work with nearest priest tool
  • Removed markers or maps will show a 404 message when visiting via their link
  • The map chat will now only connect once you open the chat tab
  • The map users online number is now a lot more accurate
  • Many other smaller tweaks and fixes

Every POI has its own URL link:
Fabernum Town
Kran Lake Landmark
Bakti Bridge

Example user created private map:
Custom Map Demo

Many useful tools:
View Tools

Help fill out the map:
Submit Location







Older Updates:
  • New tool added for searching any book price and location
  • New tool added to show the nearest priest from any map point
  • You can now add private notes to towns eg, what you banked
  • Towns now show all books that can be found there or nearby
  • Added sator camps to the map with a new green camp icon
  • Landmarks & bandit / risar / sator camps can now be reported
  • Added a map credits link in the footer with all contributors
  • Marker events ahead of "now" are displayed separately
  • An issue with being unable to zoom in on ultrawide screens is now fixed
  • Half zoom levels have been allowed so the map fits perfectly into 1920 res
  • Streamer online notification is off by default (now shows name + view count)
  • Several other fixes and improvements to functionality, suggested by users

  • The sidebar now shows videos along with events and chat
  • A new tool has been added for searching MO2 videos
  • Castle owners will now show on the map
  • A tool to verify castle ownership has been added
  • A new function has been added to backup & restore your guest account
  • The new guest account function makes it an alternative to logging in
  • Dungeons are now able to have maps. Tindrem sewers map has been added
  • A basic map of Tindrem has been added. Both Tindrem maps will be improved
  • You can now browse 2 years of markers and videos by scrolling the sidebar up
  • Amount of players playing and map users online now show in the header
  • The map credits now shows the real-time top 20 POI contributors
  • Bug fix for user markers containing special or foreign characters
  • Links to old pvp markers and trades will now open correctly
  • Sidebar list will now always start open on large screen devices

Planned features:
  • Images allowed on private map markers
  • Ability to popout the town maps
  • Discord bot for latest events and more

Suggestions and feedback is always welcome!
Credit to Gavroche, Rhias and Vakirauta for their cartography
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Jun 3, 2020
Sick! Good work! Thanks :)

Edit: I´d suggest reversing the map marker list on the right so newest ones show up on top
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May 28, 2020
Thanks! Looking forward to filling it with features like the old mo1 map

Sick! Good work! Thanks :)

Edit: I´d suggest reversing the map marker list on the right so newest ones show up on top

I did try this at first but it felt weird with the live chat being the opposite way. Lets see if its a common complaint! Cheers


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May 28, 2020
Great work again! I hope we (= the players) will make the map better and bring more details into it. The map will be crowded with spots of plants and animals and bandits.

I'm thinking about a "street map" for better orientation. Everywhere on the map are roads or trails which can be used to find the way between cities and even into the jungle to the jungle camp.


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Dec 1, 2020
This is amazing! Can you explain how the Trade Listings are intended to work? For example:

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