Men of Wealth and Taste (MOWAT) is Recruiting

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Dec 23, 2021
Men of Wealth and Taste is looking for like minded individuals willing to work hard towards our underlying goal of opening trade relationships and building wealth. This is a brand new venture and will require people willing to share experience and expertise to help (MOWAT) carve our spot in the fabric of Nave. It is my intention to make every effort to stay neutral to world politics and avoid conflict when possible. It is my hope that the major political players will respect that but the reality is that some will not. I expect that over time we will make both friends and enemies allowing us to experience all the game has to offer.

Members are paid gold daily for contributions to guild projects.

If you feel you have skills and time to offer as well as a willingness to build a new community from the ground up then please contact me here, in game (Mavien) or in discord Nemesi/Mavien(MOWAT)#1896.

Play Style: Wealth Building
Play Times: NA primary

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