Live Events (Earthquakes)


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May 31, 2024
I think what a lot of these new game titles are missing is live events, I feel like the live event machinic is what truly makes a game Next Gen. With that being said, I feel like a random Earthquake event that is stronger in certain areas of the map would be an awesome experience! which I believe also follows the lore of the game (Tagmaton Irruption). On top of the world shaking for some players adding a swarm of Tagmantons that come out of the ground from these earthquakes would be a great opportunity for players to investigate and fight over the loot in which ever zone the earthquake hit the hardest. what do you guys think?
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Jan 8, 2021
Well the earthquake itself would only be witnessed by those few people that would happen to be online right at that time. Majority of players would probably miss it.

As far as “invasion” type events, they used to do them every once in a while back in MO1. There was a risar invasion that lasted a few months. A spider invasion. They even had a few random world bosses(controlled by devs) just show up and start killing people left and right.

These things are kind of fun for a few hours but the novelty wears out very fast. the amount of work the devs have to do just to create a few hours of novelty is just not worth it.