List of current issues (Bugs/play) with PvE


May 16, 2021
This is just a list of known or current issues along with some ideas on improvements for PvE.

Most of these the devs might already know about and have on a to do list. Sometimes how ever there are issues the devs dont know about but we think they know about.
Please post your issues/bugs. Would be nice if devs could confirm that these bugs are on a todo list so if not we could go find more evidence to prove the bugs exist.

List of bugs I have seen:

Mobs will stand inside of each other
Mobs will get stuck on various barricades (being worked on, if you see report in game so they can fix the nav mesh)
Mobs will walk through the ground (especially on hills) Haven western most bandit camp of the bandit camp pair is the biggest example
Mobs dont hit each other, Might be a feature but I see it as a bug.
Bears have two skins (see alot of the LOD textures still being applied up close) this goes for terrain and some trees as well.
Mobs have irregular speeds. Some times a mobs speed wont match its animations gate. Also they will go from walk to fastest sprinter you have ever seen in game.
It could be me but some times the Mobs are not in sync with the rest of the server or laggy.
Mobs will sometimes hit you even if they did not make contact with you, this bug got better this patch but still happens where you are getting hit even if you dodge.
Part of the bug above, mobs will hit you through objects, like if you stand on a house they will hit you from under the house.
Archers bandits seem to have hitscan. You can hide behind trees or get under the archer, but you can not dodge them. Its noticeably far faster then players arrows.

My concerns out side of the bugs is that you are relegated to fighting mobs 1v1 if they are a threat at all to you. Fighting 1v1 gets stale with most of the mobs as you wait for slow charge up attacks to parry. If they fix the issue where mobs stand inside of each other, the issue where they dont hit each other, and the issue where it hits you with out actually making physical contact then I think it would be more viable to 1v2 in PvE. Really got a itch to pull more mobs instead of grinding one mob at a time with how some of the mobs make you wait for ever for their attack.

Solutions to make PvE more fun outside of bug fixing would to have them time their attacks at different times. To allow the player to one block the first, then the second, and maybe have time for a attack. Another change would be to have the mobs seem more aware of of close they are to the other mob so you can circle to force one of the other mobs to have to travel around the mob you are circling to hit you.
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