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Oct 30, 2021
Knights of Myrland

Knights of Myrland are the only guild dedicated to living up to the image of a chivalric knight. As such we honor honesty and honor, protecting the innocent, courteousness in action and word, and prowess in combat especially with lances.

We are not a roleplaying guild. Light RP is allowed, but the main idea is to live up to the ideals of fantasy knights, and to truly be men of honor and chivalry in a game where many are willing to backstab, betray and do anything to win.

The mounted charge is a central focus of our guild. We work alongside larger allies with broad skill sets so we can focus entirely on a troop composition, tactics, and training that make us the most effective unit of lancers possible.

Who Are We Looking For?

We want players who want to play a “good guy” role. Defaulting to helping those around them rather than harming them.

We want players who like the appeal of belonging to a small group of elite lancers who train continuously to be the best at what we specialize in.

Anyone who want to live up to the title of Knight in more then just words

What Builds Do We Allow?

Every build in our composition must be focused on the mounted charge. As such we do not use archery in PvP. While we allow players to make their own choices they must belong to one of three general archetypes.

Order of Steel - The Warriors

The Order of Steel focuses entirely on combat with melee weapons. They have little to no magic but are generally very adept at making heavy hits with a lance as well as being a capable foot fighter with their weapon of choice.

Order of The Lantern - The Paladins

The Order of Lantern are proficient with a lance and possibly other melee weapons but also have enough magic training to effectively cast healing spells. In mounted charges they use the lance but may use spells before or after their lance charge to support the group.

Order of Light - The Priests

Priests forsake any major training in martial combat instead choosing to focus on the usage of spells. Their role is to support the rest of the team, healing allies and horses and possibly dealing out spell damage as they ride alongside the lancers.

Code of Conduct (Rules)

Protect the Innocent.
Killing of non-hostile players is grounds for a no-warning guild kick.
Say nothing you know to be untrue.
Make no oath you do not intend to uphold.
Do not interfere in an honorable duel.
Use of Western Armors only

Origins of The Knights of Myrland

The Knights of Myrland is formed around a single idea: Adding more flavor to a world were it very common to fall into grand, unfocused guilds in an effort to get as many recruits to swell your ranks. In a world full of 'Empire Building' guilds, there was focused around a single idea. In this world based around the medieval period, there was no proper knightly orders.

Sure, many called themselves knights. Anyone who wore heavy armor and swung a sword called themselves a Knight. However, there much more to being to Knight then just swinging a blade. Lancing, mastering cavalry, being a proper honorable soldier, defending the innocent. This what it means to be a Knight.

So, We took up the mantle. We will thunder across the plains, lances and magics striking down those who pray on the innocent.

This way of combat and lifestyle in MO2 isn't for everyone, but it sure as hell won't be boring. You willing to answer the call?

How to Join

Contact Davis#1536 in Discord.


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