[KHAN] Khanate of Meduli is Recruiting!

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Nov 17, 2020

"From the ancient steppes, the Wolves of Tengger sally forth to trample the unjust and evil beneath their hooves. They bring death and destruction with them... But only for the tyrannical and evil ones. Take heed of this! For the thunder and wind heralds their arrival and only doom awaits those who transgress against them." - The Wandering Wolf

We are a newly established guild in MO2's Meduli and we are looking for capable Men and Women to join our Khanate (kingdom). We seek to establish a long lasting Khanate in Meduli, that will ensure the prosperity and security of it's people. We also wish to create a Player Haven for new players coming to the game, in Meduli, where we can provide knowledge and arrange events for the benefit of all.

- We are an Anti-RPK Trader Guild
This means we seek to build trade and will even offer trade to RPK-style guilds, but we will not be part of ANY Alliances with any RPK-style guild.

- We are an English-Speaking guild EU/NA.

- We are not interested in sieging assets and not interesting in being part of any "nut cup" alliances.
This means if we get attacked, we will fight back. Mama didn't raise no sucka

- We welcome PvP and believe it is an important aspect of the game. We intend to build our own "Military Wing" for the purpose of roaming the map and fighting other guilds. But we Do Not Support Random Player Killing.

Requirements For New Members:

18+ Age requirement

Discord Voice Communication

The desire to contribute to Guild Projects

The desire for community, to serve and protect, while making a tidy profit.

Please do not ask to join if you are a Karen...

What we offer:

We offer you a home and a tribe to be there to watch your back!

We look after our own first, when your starting out, we'll be there to help you... when you leave, we'll be here when you get back, waiting for ya.

All of our members will share in the wealth of guild projects... this ain't no pyramid scheme. We work together... we prosper together.

We can offer you positions in our Military Wing (PvP) or our main wing - Crafting/Farming/Trading, or if you just enjoy our company, you can be a civilian in our Khanate!

Finally, we will never use you and leech off you. Your here to play the game, same as us. If your willing to contribute more than what we expect, great... but we will never ask you to break your back for us.

Join us in discord

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