Keepers of the Oath (KotO) EU/NA/AU/JP - PVP/PVE

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Jan 4, 2021
Keepers of the Oath - Multinational English speaking Guild. EU/NA/AU/JP

What you can expect -

Fun times with a chilled out bunch of people who enjoy PvP and PvE. We are a supportive bunch and work together to improve our Guild and its members in whatever game we play.

Who are we -

KotO is a friendly and dedicated PvP Guild. We have a long standing in Mortal Online and have played a part in its history since early MO1 release. We are well know for having strong ethics and always being up for a fight. We have a very welcoming community and always look to support newer players in learning about the game, as well as developing their own PvP and PvE skills.

What we will do -

KotO having been prominent in Meduli since early MO1 will be establishing our base of operations in this area. Much like previously we will defend all Meduli citizens and promote a healthy trade culture in the area. Outside of Meduli we will engage in open PvP with all other major guilds.

Rules -

Don't be a dick
Everyone fights

History -

KotO was established in 2004 and has developed to become a large gaming community. We tend to base ourselves around a single game however also enjoy jumping into more casual games with each other. We have a history of playing to win and have always made ourselves part of a games political landscape. Previous games include MO1, Naval Action, DarkFall, Last Oasis. Our history in MO1 saw us be the only guild to successfully capture and hold 4 towns as well as having a territory which spanned 1/3 of the map.



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