Ichor Apotheciarum


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May 28, 2020
My fellow Mortals,
Welcome to Ichor Apothecarium, where good health and fitness are just a sip away. We are pleased to offer a wide range of medicines and remedies.

Our Products and Prices
Direct Heal 58* - Direct Heals 58 HP per 10 units: 17g per 40 units in Meduli; 20g per 40 units in Tindrem, Fabernum, & Vadda
*Custom-tailored Direct Healing potencies can be quoted upon request.

Age Reduction - Reduces age: 8g per 1 year of age in Meduli; 10g per 1 year of age in Tindrem, Fabernum, & Vadda

How To Order
Orders can be submitted via private forum message or via Discord to Ichorous#5613.
I will reply to your message to confirm final price and a delivery timeframe.

Yours Truly,