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May 28, 2020


Since there is no government, nor is there any kind of office that organizes and establishes property registries, claims and notarial documents on properties in Myrland, I have decided to create my own office and start a new economic project.
In this time of total economic ruin, chaos and anarchy, it is difficult to find a legitimate business that is exciting for me, so I hope that this new idea will allow me to develop some innovative and creative business that will keep me active.

Since I was the last real and legitimate emperor's hand in Myrland, under the rule of the great Komodor I, suppose it falls to me to organize a detailed property registry in each city.
I will start in Tindrem, where there is a huge amount of properties to auction and register.

This includes my luxurious summer palace, which was expressly granted to me by Komodor I, in the days when he reigned, and which still belongs to my house.
The system will be simple. I will put up for auction different lots and unowned properties in Tindrem, and they will be sold to whoever makes the best offer at face value.
I will store the money from the land registry in my bank and take 5% for my office as payment for my work.

The rest of the money will be a long-term deposit that will serve to finance the first imperial treasury since the events of the conflux.
The day we crown an emperor, he will be the one who decides what to do and how to manage that gold.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the property of valuable and luxurious facilities, emblematic buildings and luxurious homes!
I will issue an official document that will go to my registry, from which your legitimate claim and property will be sealed forever!