HotFix Patch Notes


May 28, 2020


  • Adjusted some skill descriptions.
  • Players without enough rank to change wars will now see the war buttons disabled.
  • Bloom values lowered.
  • Dusk/Dawn transition tweaked to be a bit brighter.
  • Character avoidance (“crowd movement”) updated. The separation between AI characters is slightly improved, patrolling guards should try to walk around you, and the CPU performance of the avoidance system is better.

  • Bow wall-block check did not ignore characters making it impossible to use mounted archery.
  • The refactored look-at for characters did not ignore etherworld boundaries, causing priests to look at dead players.
  • Fixed a glitch where you could pick up more than one from a pickable in the world.
  • Fixed broken textures on player ether ray.
  • Fixed blocks sticking up through the landscape.
  • Improved level streaming on Tindrem entrance.