Guild Recruitment Posting Guidelines

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Guild Recruitment Posting Guidelines​

Submitting a thread:

Use this forum section for posting Guild Recruitment threads. All threads are automatically moderated and will not be visible until a moderator has approved it. If your thread does not appear, please do not attempt to post another; it can take some time to approve them.

Your thread should include at least the following:
  • The guilds' name in the title​
  • The guilds' purpose and/or goals​
  • The guilds' type (PVP, PK, Empire Building, RP, etc.)​
  • What kind of players you are looking for​
  • How to apply​
  • Contact details - forum PM, guild forums/website, discord, etc.​
Note: Threads should contain substance, meaning they should not just answer the above in a short list to be considered valid. The more detail the better.

Updating your thread:
  • Report the thread using the report button at the side, and ask for it to be opened or PM a moderator
  • Make your changes and updates
  • Once you are finished, save the changes and either report the post again or PM that same moderator to let them know that you are finished
  • The thread will then be closed
Bumping your thread:
  • Report the thread using the report button at the side and ask for it to be bumped
  • A moderator will post a "bump" to bring your thread to the top of the first page. Previous bumps will be deleted.
  • Threads can be bumped if your thread has not been bumped for four weeks
Deleting a thread
  • Contact a moderator and ask for the recruitment thread to be deleted
  • If you are not the one who posted the thread, permission will be required from that person first. If it is somehow not possible to receive permission and the thread needs removed, an investigation will begin and proper action will be taken.
  • Do not ask for a thread to be deleted and then post that same thread again (even if it is a new version) soon after. This is not the proper way to bump a thread.

Threads will only be deleted if 1) the guild has disbanded or 2) if the guild has closed recruitment. Both cases require the OP to send in a request. Guilds that have their threads deleted will not be able to post another thread for a minimum of two weeks from said deletion.

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Update: If your thread is recruiting a specific language type only, we still require an english translation posted in the recruitment thread.
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