Guidelines to our Commitment to a Healthy Community

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Dec 9, 2021
Guidelines to our Commitment to a Healthy Community

Our journey to facilitate a healthy community has been a long one which we continue to encourage to our players. The world of Mortal Online II can be a brutal and difficult one, that does not mean that players should be brutal and difficult to each other with how to communicate.

Mortal Online II is a complex game which continues to grow in content, features, player dynamics and economics which can bundle into a passionate stance on certain elements from the game. Sometimes that passion becomes disruptive and repetitive which can turn the space meant to discuss the game and give constructive feedback into someplace not enjoyable.

Discussing our game, and chatting to your fellow players should be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved as much as humanly possible. With that said, we want to encourage more guidelines when communicating with your fellows. This would extend to all of our communities that StarVault has under their wing.

1. Follow our TOS and EULA

2. Unless in an off-topic forum or thread, keep the discussion on the game.

3. Follow the rules of the platform holder (ex. Reddit, Discord, Steam)

4. Follow the rules of the channel owner ( ex. r/mortalonline2, Mortal Online Discord Server, Mortal Online Official Forums)

5. Encourage a healthy fostering of the community and show respect to each other, even when you disagree.

6. Only use language which is appropriate in most situations. We understand that the game is intended for a mature and adult audience, however we encourage you to use your judgment when choosing what you say or type. Your language should be within a similar filter of “business casual” in which you would not say things that you wouldn’t to your boss or colleagues.

7. It is important that you respect disciplinary action after your appeal has been closed. Our game is filled with many different individuals from many different walks of life or culture. These places/cultures have many ways to communicate with each other and what is considered acceptable. It is very difficult to balance this when you are in a centralized location for communication. With this said, StarVault is constantly trying its best to adjust and optimize these rules in which it makes sense to a majority and emulates our peers within the game industry. This may mean that disciplinary action you receive is something you do not agree with. At this point you need to accept and understand StarVault and its official communities are places of public gathering and business in which certain public order must be maintained for a positive experience for all.

8. Do not share your accounts with others as it puts your account at risk. This includes creating multiple accounts to evade previous bans or to encourage breaking our guidelines and rules.

9. Keep your personal information and the information of others private and do not share it. This puts community members or their families at risk.

10. Lastly, if you witness something that does not follow our rules, TOS, EULA or these new guidelines, we encourage you to report this to our moderators and staff members. StarVault tries its best to keep our eyes on all of our spaces which can be difficult for a smaller team. Public acceptance of behavior is created by said public. Helping us keep the community healthy increases the enjoyment for all.

Breaking these guidelines can incur disciplinary action, not excluding removal from our platforms.

Thank you for your cooperation and time,

Robmo, Community Manager
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