Guards, Towns and Clans


Nov 17, 2020
I thought about how Guards could be implemented differently from MO1, which firstly started with a single /guards = 1-hit kill and then later multiple AI guards that could be dragged out of town.

What if there was a Tribute system for all controlling AI factions. Like all towns controlled by AI factions start off with minimal taxation, when players use vendors within a city, a % goes to the "faction" in control of that town. All of the cities would have some Regular guards and only capitals like Tindrem and Morin Khur would have Elite guards.

And if the taxes reach a threshhold, the reigning faction of that city, would unleash a small invasion army to take over a city controlled by a Rival Faction (or even a Player Clan controlled city) laying siege to it (if they get there...) for 3 days.. and if no one fights them off, their faction will take over the city.

Player Clan controlled cities would have no guards, until they decide to Hire them for a % of gold daily to safe guard the city's inhabitants from grievers and raiders (if their clan cannot be there to protect).

This way, only strong clans can take over a city and benefit from it's taxes... but will also have to defend it from other clans... and AI factions. Perhaps player clans could also build relations with AI Factions by gifts of gold or prestige items (like Risar heads, zombie heads, etc) and form non-aggression pacts or even alliances with an AI faction, that would send a small force to aid defence against other AI factions (but not Human Clan wars).

It would give a reason for clans to be constantly online to guard their city/territory, build relations with other clans/traders and to PvE in order to strengthen their own position... who knows, some ARPK Clans might try to work with the AI factions to maintain the peace... while the RPK clans would try to raid and dominate, suffering with bad relations AI factions and the ARPK clans.

It would be nice if a Clan Tag was Account Bound until they decide to leave it (with a 48 hour timer) which wouldn't impact spying, but might help Against clans in war who can just make a new Blue, untagged character to go about their business and avoid any hostilities in rival cities/territory.

Just a thought :)