Guard is recruiting PvP focussed players (US/EU)


New member
May 21, 2024
Guard is recruiting!

Guard is a pvp guild, focused on roaming, dungeons and small to mid scale pvp. With Established Bases near the MK/CC region, and the Vadda/bakti region we have a access to a good amount of different content and resources (Main base is MK region). We provide weekly PvP trainings, help you acquire resources, and generally help you become a better player. Guard would best be described as Semi hardcore, meaning we aim to be a viable group but you are not expected to be online 24/7. We also protect trade caravans of allied guilds and/or trade guilds that hire us.

What do we expect from members:
- Be a teamplayer
- Play mortal online as your main game(daily or a few days a week, of course IRL can happen)
- Have a microphone and be able to be on discord.
- Be generally chill and positively minded, and always strive to improve your skills.
- No gear fear.

Previous experience in mortal or other games is a big benefit, but we are willing to teach you the ways.

What do we offer?

- A thight group of friends and players to hang out with.
- Acces to weekly training events.
- Acces to multiple resources and farming methods.
- Tons of fun

How to apply:
Join on discord and send us a message, or contact pyroxius on discord.